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When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be an artist. I used to love to draw things. I've always loved colors & textures... I dabbled here & there & have always been very crafty. I'm partial to things like hearts & flowers, or moons & stars & bright, colorful sun-skies. I'm just an old hippie at heart.
When my hubby became fully disabled, I needed to be home with him more, so I was looking for ways to earn extra cash, to help supplement our income. A very kind friend brought me two really nice long folding tables, so I set em up & I took up painting, in a much more serious way. That was just a few years ago & I have been  having a ball!
I'm a shy little girl, from a small town, just trying to bring a little color & happiness to people in the world... I have the most wonderful parents, who taught me that I could be or do anything if I put my mind to it. They have always loved & supported me, no matter what I have done. I am SO grateful to still have both of them at their tender age of 88. I savor every moment I have with them.

I seem to have the knack for doing a lot of different things. It's a true gift. I'm a freak of nature in more ways than one. I'm possibly THE pickiest eater you will ever meet, & yet, I can (& I will) cook ANYthing &  I "never" taste what I cook. Amazingly, everything turns out & like magic, it disappears. I am always pleasantly surprised.
As the years have progressed, things have become completely out of the ordinary for us in our lives. Nothing is as it once was, & yet, we just cling to each other & hold hands along the way. Whatever it takes, we're gonna get through it. Together.

I was raised with a very strong faith in God, & to this day, my faith never waivers. Time & time again, God has shown Himself to us in SO many ways & I know, without a doubt, He will continue to carry us down this road we call life. I am continuously in awe at the love we are shown.

I do what I do, because it's what I know I am supposed to do. Whatever it takes, that's what I will do. My stubborn streak wins out every single time.

I painted these lighthouses....

Lighthouse Paintings, by me.

Kozy Korner of
Knibbles Knacks & Knecessities 


Thanks for joining me here, where you can keep up with my KRaZy life's shenanigans. Life isn't always easy, but I prefer to plunge forward, with faith, fun & fabulous foods... Oh sure, there are always a few tears, but we're all human. At least I "think" I'm human... & We wouldn't appreciate the sunshine, without some rain every now & then, right?...
I'm just happy to wake up breathing each day.

SO glad to have you here!


January 3rd, 1983

True Love at First Sight

Here we are, right from the start. Two individuals, one heart... Yes, we truly did have love at first sight. Young love. Strong love. True love. Just like the song says... We met on August 6th, 1982 & got married a few months later, on January 3rd, 1983. He never likes me to tell, because it makes him feel old, but I think it's a huge thing to be proud of. Such an accomplishment... We are coming up on our 35th anniversary in a few days. Time has flown by!... & We still love each other!


From A to Z

September 28, 2020

Everything Will Be OK

September 15, 2020

One Day at a Time

May 3, 2020

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Art, Prints & Note Cards

I am super pleased to be able to offer prints & note cards of most of my paintings. Sometimes I even have the original paintings still available. Please check back often to see if I've been able to complete something new. I will do my best to keep them coming as our KRaZy life allows.


Where I do LuLaRoe

If you haven't tried LuLaRoe yet, you are missing out. I have never been more comfortable, while looking great too... Everyone deserves some buttery soft LuLaRoe in their lives... Come on over & give it a try. I can even help you pick it out or put together an outfit just for you.


$5 Treasured Trinkets

Everything here is only $5 (Except the $25. stuff)... I recently discovered Paparazzi $5. jewelry. I love it & I can't wait to share it with my friends & all of their friends. There are so many fun pieces & you can find something to go with everything... I'm SO thankful for the opportunity to help support my family & the price is right!




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