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In the Kitchen, with Krys

February 9, 2020

How to Make Perfect Rice Every Time.


 I love rice, don't you?

Steaming hot, sticky, buttered rice. Add some salt & pepper & I'm good to go. Make a stir-fry & add that to your rice. Yum!! Assorted veggies sauteed with spicy seasonings & a little bit of teriyaki? SO GOOD!!... My hubby loves "Rice Pudding", but that seems so wrong to me. I mean, really? Ew!!... Whatever you like, that's up to you. Go for it! Rice is good!!

What I didn't know is that most people I know can't make good rice. Did you know that? Hmmm... That seemed so hard for me to believe, because my rice is SO nice (that rhymes). I have even bee known to go on a trip & bring my own pans from home, because I am always asked to cook. When I cook, I like to do it with my own stuff. Things I'm used to


















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