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In The Kitchen, with Krys

We got a deep fryer for Christmas. Needless to say, I have spent a bit of time since then perfecting my frying. It's been a while since I made actual "deep fried" foods...

One week in, I am now the "Queen of Deep Frying", of this I am certain!

We got that baby out of the box on Christmas Eve & set her right up on the kitchen counter. Everyone move outta the way, Freda Fryer is home!... For our first meal, I decided to make fresh fried zucchini & homemade onion rings as our side dishes. I tried a couple of different techniques & very quickly found my favorite frying friends. YUM!!... They were beautiful AND tasty too.

I may be picky (we're talking EXTREMELY picky, like nobody else), but one thing I do LOVE, is deep fried mozzarella sticks. On our second day of the deep fryer, I decided I "had to" try my hand at homemade fried cheese sticks. Keep in mind, I know nothing of how to do this, but my knack for cooking kicked in immediately. I'm like a kitchen MacGyver, seriously. I have NO idea how I come up with these things & people ask me all the time. I just do it. It's truly a gift. In the morning, on Christmas Day, I decided it would be best if I froze up some cheese for later. I spent a few minutes, carefully cutting sticks from a brick of mozzarella & placing them in some plastic wrap, with wrap in between each stick, so they would not freeze together. I knew I would only take out what I needed & the rest could stay frozen. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), I thought, was the best way for cheese sticks...

When it came time to make our dinner, I fired up Freda Fryer & mixed up some of my new favorite batter (I did it "my way") & some crunchy bits for coating (we'll discuss that in the future) & got out a handful of frozen sticks of cheese.

I battered the frozen cheese & then carefully coated them in my crunchy concoction... Then I dropped those babies into the hot tub & watched as they sunk down in to the oily pool & bubbled, as they swam around.

Once they floated to the top, I knew they were close to done & I used my trusty tongs to give them a back flip. They were very quickly browned on both sides, so I lifted my frying basket to drain them.

Um... I can hardly contain myself, just seeing the pictures. Drool!!!

I plated those steaming, crunchy coated sticks of scrumptious, hot fried cheese goodness & could hardly contain myself for a picture... BUT I am a picture taking freak, so I did my duty & got a shot, although slightly blurred. It doesn't matter... My next step was to take a bite. A scalding HOT bite, of crunchy goodness, oozing with piping hot, melty mozzarella... YUM!!

Seriously!! The BEST I've ever had!!

If you're in the market for a deep fryer,

we highly recommend the Hamilton Beach brand.

We have two sizes, the single

& the double (which comes with three baskets).

They work fabulously & are easy to clean.

You can click the link here to purchase.