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Bring Back Time

Time sure does fly!

The older I get, the faster I lose time... Is it just me, or are the days becoming more & more like mini hurricanes? My life isn't my own anymore. I seem to have a never-ending mental list of things I want to do, which I can never find the time for. Like this blog for instance. I have had thoughts of writing a blog for years now. Hey! It's the thought that counts, right? Well, here I am. I'm actually writing it. Woohoo!! Not to mention the fact that I have spent the last several days actually designing my own space here. Pretty exciting, eh?

It's New Year's Day 2018, 3:51am & I haven't even dragged myself to bed yet. No wonder I am aging faster than a speeding bullet. I may not look very old, but I certainly feel crunchy.

What is time?... It's defined as; "Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future." Or "What a clock measures". Hmmm.

For me, time is the whirlwind of days, filling the weeks that are passing by in precious moments. Moments that I will never get back or forget. Moments that I know I will savor after they are long gone... This past week, a gal from school, close in age to me, died. Her time was up. It was crushing to me. We were not close friends, but I knew her & I spent a lot of time thinking of those she left behind. I sobbed in the car on my way home the other day, just thinking about what her husband was going through. I bawled my head off... & I found myself thinking of my aging parents & how they are at the tender age of 88. They're doing SO great! Active & healthy, for the most part. Still driving even. Who knew they'd have this much time? I am certainly grateful to still have them. I savor the time I get with them & I thank God every single day for them. I love every time they visit... & I also pre-mourn the times when they will no longer be here. I do NOT look forward to those days. I burst into tears time & time again, just thinking of them gone from us. Can they please stay with me for all time!!!

For tonight, my time is up. I promised our dog, Gypsy that she could sleep in my bed tonight (she normally sleeps in her kennel & LOVES her little "bedroom") & she is waiting patiently for her pre-bed snack & then I will spend some time turning out the lights... She is very smart & waits in the hallway for me to get settled in my bed, before she comes in to snuggle. Then I will spend my time in bed letting her in the covers & then back out every hour & a half or so. Hey! It's a holiday, right? She deserves her special time.

Don't forget to take the time to savor time... Precious time.

I took this picture when we went to Gold Beach Oregon. That was the last time we've been anywhere. Dean has not been fishing since.

It's time.

Check out these cool clocks!


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