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New Year, New You?


Nah!... I prefer to live each day "trying" to do the best I can, "all year". Maybe I could smile more? I don't know. My cheeks ache already... & I am SO not a fan of dieting. Haven't you noticed the first three letters in the word diet? D I E... There are so few foods that I like that I can't afford to let one go. I guess I could resolve to eat even more veggies, but I LOVE my veggies SO much that I don't need to force them down my throat. Just tonight, I ate almost two whole cucumbers, in one sitting. Yum!... If I had to do a resolution that involved food, it would have to be to "eat", since I don't prefer food. IF I could get by without it, I would.

I will agree to being kind & helpful on a daily basis (It's what I have always striven for) (Is striven even a word?). I also plan on continuing to be patient (I am possibly THE most patient person I have ever met), just like I was raised to be... AND I still wont worry (& The good Lord knows I have a massive LOT of things I "could" worry about). I prefer to think of myself as a warrior, not a worrier. Works for me!

I've often wondered why people set themselves up to fail every year?

Maybe I could resolve to go on a vacation. IF I thought it would work, I'd do it in a hot minute! Do you know how long it's been since I vacationed? I would need a million days of vacation just to start feeling rested & then a follow up trip immediately after that.

Could someone please just send over a hammock & a pillow, with a vat of my favorite drink & set it all up for me.

I'd like a fire in the pit too, please.

Oh, who am I kidding???

I will always just be the me that God made me to be & I will be happy doing so... If there is one thing I have learned in life, it's that it is much better to give than to receive (Although, I have been the recipient of awesomeness on several occasions & for that I am SUPER grateful) & I plan to keep on giving of myself, where needed, on a daily basis.

My goal in life is to brighten up the space I am in & I will do my best at that. Me, new?... Ha!!

Do you make New Year's resolutions?


If you feel led to donate, to help us on our journey, while we work hard helping Dean get back strength & mobility on his right side, which was paralyzed after the strokes, please copy & paste the link below into your browser, to get to our GoFundMe.

We appreciate any & all support. Thanks! https://www.gofundme.com/f/dean-rockwood039s-road-to-recovery