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In The Kitchen, with Krys

People who know me, know that I really LOVE to cook. I seem to be extremely gifted in the kitchen department. It's truly a miracle, since I only eat to live, I don't live to eat. I truly do not like most foods... I am SO at home in the kitchen. It's amazing.

For me, cooking is just another form of art. There's just something about creating recipes that really appeals to me. I literally wake up in the night sometimes with a new recipe on my mind. It's freakishly KRaZy!... Even crazier, is trying out a new recipe I dreamed up & having it come out perfectly, when I've never done it before & I have NO idea what I'm doing. I'm great at just winging it. I'm a freak of nature.

You might say I cook like an old fashioned grandma, but I like to call myself a dump cook. Whatever I have on hand, I just dump it in. None of that measuring stuff. Dump, stir, cook. That's me. No fuss. Keep it simple... I do like to make my foods look good though. That's important to me, because I feel like we eat it with our eyes first, so if it looks good, that's half the battle.

One thing I really do LOVE to eat is Chex Mix. Who doesn't love those tiny crunchy pillows of rice & corn (Those are the two Chex cereals I choose to put in my Chex Mix), with the salty goodness of Worcestershire? I love making it at home, my way. That's one great thing about home cooking, is being able to put what you want into your own foods.

I keep my Chex Mix VERY simple...

Chex cereals (whichever you prefer).

Pecans (That's what I use) (Put in any nut you like).

(Add pretzel sticks if you want to) (I do sometimes).

A stick of real butter

(You "could" use more, I just don't).

French's Worcestershire

(The ONLY brand I will ever use!).

Tapatio (I like one or two splashes) (Spice is life).

Lawry's seasoning salt.

Plus, real butter...

Add some seasonings

& the "French's" Worcestershire...

I melt mine in the microwave a bit,

until it's drizzly, so I can spoon it around...

I fill up my entire gigantic lasagna pan to the tippy-top. There's barely enough stirring room... Here it is, about to go into the oven for a few hours...

One of my favorite things is to scoop up a bowl of Chex Mix while it's still warm & chow down.

I made this on New Year's Eve

& ate this entire batch myself.

It's January 26th & there's one handful left.

Not bad.

It almost lasted me a whole month.

I can hardly wait until next time...

I've included links below, where you can find

a few of my favorite Chex Mix fixin's.

Feel free to go shopping now.