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Our lives are in turmoil...

Everything here is topsy-turvy.

We are packed & stacked,

floor to ceiling with totes & no place to go.

Most all of our things are packed away in those totes. We have no idea where things are.

Oh, sure, there's a strip of masking tape on top of each tote, written on with a Sharpie marker, labeling what's inside, but when there are a half dozen or so marked, "Kitchen" or "Pantry" or "Bedroom", there is absolutely NO way to know what is in those things.

Well, we do know where the DVD's are, because those are important, right? They're in the bedroom stacks, of course, near the TV, under the underwear drawers.

Who in the world is "Micala" anyway??? One of our totes has her name on the label. I asked my hubby, "What in the world is in this tote?" He said, "What does it say on it?", so I said, "M, I, C, A, L, A..." "Oh. That's miscellaneous things".

Oy vey!!

Do you think we'll ever be put back together again? I am SO thankful to my hubby for trying SO HARD to help me pack things up, when I know he hurts SO BAD. It's heart wrenching. So, even though I know where nothing is, I keep my lips, zipped. He is under such stress right now. We both are.

Someday I would like to be the one to say, "Let's move", not having to be forced to do it ALL the time. Renting is SO unsettled. You just never know when someone is going to want to sell your home out from under you, or one of their family members will want to live where you are, so you get the boot. It's beyond frustrating! AND it doesn't even matter how devoted you've been either. Boom! You're out. That's it. Move on. Even if you've spent several hours every single week, during the growing season, mowing 3 acres, out of the kindness of your heart, to keep things nice where you live, even though you didn't have to, because the landlord lives above you. It means nothing. Nobody else cares. Except the next door neighbor lady. She cares. She LOVED having our grass mowed over here every week since we've lived here. & Well, of course "we" care, or else we wouldn't have been doing it. I hope to one day be able to live in a place where the hard work we put into it will no longer be thankless. Shoot, it sure would be nice to be able to do what we want to where we live too. Even our dog, Gypsy is uneasy. Tonight she hasn't stopped pacing once & she constantly wants to be petted. She even climbs up & drapes herself over my lap while I'm sitting here at my desk. Who could blame her? Our house is littered with towers of totes EVERYWHERE! It's overwhelming! It's "Tote City".

What a nightmare.

I like it when things are in their places

& it's all cozy & nice in our space... I'm surprised I haven't crawled under a rock yet & buried my head.

It would be nice to be like the bears

& hibernate through the winter. Wake up in the spring & be all settled in some place fabulous.

I guess for now I will just have to settle for crawling in between our cozy sheets & snuggling up to my sweet hubby's back & "try" my best to fall asleep, while I listen to the Swamp People DVD,

to keep my mind occupied... *Sigh!*

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