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The Final Hour

Today is February 1st...

We've been "mostly" all packed up with no place to go, for a couple of weeks now. Remember, Totesville, from my last blog post...


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I'll admit, searching online, feverishly, on the hunt for a new place to live has been grueling, to say the least! The rental market these days is BRUTAL! I have spent every spare moment on Craigslist, Trulia, HotPads & Zillow, plus some other far reaching sites, searching for any new listings on a regular daily basis, for well over two months.

Thankfully, I'm not a worrier. I knew, without a doubt, that God has a plan. He ALWAYS does. I have told my friends, time & time again, "It'll be fine, God is working it out right now". I know they have troubles believing it sometimes, but I am VERY faithful. I never waver... I'd be foolish not to believe it, since God has shown me numerous times that He is & will always take care of us. I do not doubt. I truly believed that there was a better place for us than what I was finding online, in our price range. I told my friends & my hubby, "Wouldn't it be nice to maybe have an extra bedroom this time? Plus, just maybe a garage?" Many of them are doubters & for sure my hubby is of little faith these days.

All I could do was pray & keep on searching. "God, please show us the way. Open the doors where you want us to be. Thank-you Jesus"

God is in control & there is NO way around it. It's best to just let it be... I've found that God's ways are the best ways & He knows what we want or need better than we know ourselves.

Oh sure, we could jump into something, when we are desperate or scared, because we don't want to end up homeless or jobless, but think about it people! Do you really believe that God would want that for you? If you put your faith & trust in God, He will be right there ALL along the way & He will take you somewhere he knows you would want to go to.

Like this week, for me... I've pored over hundreds & HUNDREDS of online ads & pictures of homes & apartments. Most all of them far beyond our reach in price or location. SO MANY of them dark, dismal holes, where I would never even attempt to take my sweet hubby, knowing he is depressed enough already. How could I take him into a dark hole to sit there all day? He would die even more inside... Some had a lot of dangerous steps, which would be hazardous to him. Some were just plain too far away from the parking area, to call home. I mean, seriously! When you drive up to your home, it should not take you ten or fifteen minutes to walk to your door... I just knew there was something better. There had to be!

Fast forward to earlier this week, when I saw an ad on Craigslist for an actual house. One that I liked. A three bedroom house, with a garage AND actual outdoor storage sheds!! Can you believe it? It was only $50. per month more than the wreck we went to look at yesterday. I sent an email to the contact in the ad & then waited to see if there was a bite... Nothing. I waited a couple of days, but still no word from them...

This morning, as I sat here at my desk, I felt nudged to send one more email. Here's what I said... "Hi! We're still very interested in your house. It looks so lovely. My hubby & I have been searching since November with no luck. It's brutal! Our landlord's son wants to move in where we are, so we have to leave. We are all packed up with no place to go. We are great tenants. Possibly the best you'll ever have. I will attach a reference letter & can get more if you need us to. We have a lot of really amazing friends & can get tons of personal references as well. We are very quiet & good neighbors too. We just want to feel settled somewhere. Moving is no fun & renting is so unsettled. Thanks!, Krys"... & I attached our wonderful reference letter, describing us as great tenants & then I hit send.

After that I just prayed silently inside my head, "God, if this is it, lead the way" & I went in to take a long hot shower.

Here's where it gets good (& Now I'm crying. Again). As I was stepping out of the shower, grabbing my towel, I heard the phone on the bathroom counter finish ringing. I'd missed it, but figured it was just another solicitor's call. Nobody ever calls us. Then, my own cell phone started vibrating on the same counter. I never answer that phone since it's a prepaid & costs a LOT to talk on it, but I at least looked at the number to see if I knew it. Hmmm... Not familiar... I dried myself off & got dressed, then realized they'd left me a message, so I called that cell with the other one, knowing it was the free way to retrieve my message... "Hi Krys, this is Thor from the Craigslist ad..." Are you kidding me??? Really?... Now, I am not gonna lie here. I am a smart girl & I always "try" to do my homework. When I liked that rental house in the ad, I had Google searched the address & found out the name of the owner & I knew it was Thor. I even checked out his Facebook page (only in an informative way, nothing freakishly creepy), to see what kind of person he is. There wasn't a lot of public posts, but the few things I saw told me what I wanted to hear. He was a decent guy. I could tell he was very well liked by his friends. That was HUGE to me... When I heard his voice message, I was thrilled... OK God, the door is opening.

I returned his call immediately, so as not to miss out... When I got him on the phone he said, "I called Hope from your reference letter & I would like to rent the house to you guys. She highly recommends you & you guys can move in today if you want to", "Are you SERIOUS!???" By now, I am thinking, is this for real. Somebody needs to pinch me... & Of course, I am now crying while typing this. Again... I said, "We haven't even seen the house & you haven't even met us" "Yeah, you know, I was gonna rent it to a single guy who's a school teacher, but he hasn't called me back & it's been several hours & you come highly recommended, so I want to rent it to you" I told him how long & hard our search had been & how brutal the rental market is. He told me he knew he could get more for the house but he didn't want to price gauge anyone. I just told him that I knew God had a plan & I was waiting to see what it was & all we could do was pray. He said, "That's where the power is" (*Insert heart here).... SO I told him I was gonna dry my hair & help my hubby get his shoes on & drive up to see the house & that's what we did. He said it was open & to go right in. Meanwhile, my Facebook was blowing up. I am friends on there with the gal that wrote us the awesome reference letter & she had made a comment about having just got off the phone with a guy who wanted to rent to us. Of course our friends were all ecstatic... I checked all of my private messages & even replied to our former acting landlord, who had spoken with the man. She told me, "I told him the truth, you guys are the best tenants I had ever had". How awesome is that!?

We drove up to find the house... It was perfect. Just what we need in a home. We could park near the front door, so no long treks for my hubby & there was a garage AND outdoor storage. Plus a nice back deck, for us to enjoy. Perfect for BBQ's!

AND you can see the mountains

& I will still get to enjoy the sunsets...

Can you believe it???... While I was there, I called Thor to tell him our thoughts. He wanted to know how we liked it, so I was honest with him. "I can picture our things here & I think this will be a good space for my hubby to be in. We've really been hoping for a garage or outdoor storage, so that's awesome. The only thing I'm kind of bummed about is, there's no dishwasher" Then he told me, "Well, I can put in a dishwasher if there's room", I was floored! "Really???" "That would be so awesome!", I said.

We chatted for a few more minutes & I was still trying to pinch myself at the awesomeness of it all. I told him that I always go with my gut & try to follow where God leads me. He said, "I gotta tell ya', I had a LOT of other people interested in this house, but I got your email & I picked you guys because of the great reference". I'm pretty sure we both knew it was a God thing, the way it all went down.

Yes, the price is higher than what we've been paying, plus there will be utilities, but I know, without a doubt that God WILL provide. Our needs have ALWAYS been met & we have always been taken care of.

I am here to tell you, it is SO much better when we give up the control & let God take us His way, even if it is in the final hour... Seriously!

Don't fret. Start believing it...

Everything always works out in the end.

Thank-you Jesus!

If you feel led to donate, to help us on our journey, while we work hard helping Dean get back strength & mobility on his right side, which was paralyzed after the stroke, please copy & paste the link below into your browser, to get to our GoFundMe. We appreciate any & all support. Thanks! https://www.gofundme.com/f/dean-rockwood039s-road-to-recovery