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Moving Forward

Moving is one of those things I truly do dread. I hate it!

Does anyone actually like moving?

The only good thing about moving is getting rid of excess junk you may have lying around. Who wants to move that stuff?

We've been jostled & moved around so many times, you'd think we'd have most things thrown out by now. We don't... My hubby & I butt heads about it often. I'm a very sentimental gal & there are some things I refuse to throw away. Like that card, where my 88 year old mom wrote a nice, loving note inside to us on our anniversary. Someday she'll be gone & I may just love coming across it, with her hand written note in there. I cry at the thought. Please, can I keep my sentimental things? To me, it's not junk... Yesterday I had to scold my hubby, because years ago, he burned our old dilapidated dresser. It was the dresser I'd had my entire life growing up. I wasn't attached to the dresser, BUT every single letter I ever wrote to him when we had just met was in the top drawer. Looked like garbage to him, I guess. He's just not sentimental like I am. I mean, wouldn't it be cool to be able to pull out that letter I wrote him once that was on a twelve foot long section of toilet paper? (Unused, of course!) I thought it was a VERY impressive letter. He did too at the time. It made him love me even more getting that awesome thing in the mail. I'm just a creative type gal.

Another thing about moving is having to leave a familiar place that you love. I do SO love being settled in to a nice, cozy home. Our home is so warm, wherever we make it, so I wont fret about that now.

Quite honestly, I spent SO many weeks searching for our next home that there was plenty of packing time & our things have been stored up for SO long now, I've forgotten what we have... I'm REALLY looking forward to unpacking & having a place for everything. I have a strong urge to cozy up the next place now.

Late this afternoon, I went by our new place by myself & I walked quietly around the entire yard & each room. I can picture some of my favorite flowers planted in the beds (Once they're cleaned up, they are a MESS!) & I tried to envision where we'll put our furniture & things. I look forward to decorating again with the same stuff I've always had, but in different ways, in completely different rooms... I stood in the kitchen & watched the sunset from my future sink. It was fabulous! I have SO enjoyed the sunsets nearly every single day where we've been living & I wasn't looking forward to moving away from those at all.

Moving forward, I find myself looking at some things I wont miss when we move away from here. The biggest thing we wont miss is noises above us. Thankfully, our landlord & his family here, who live above us, have been fairly quiet, but it will be SO nice not having anyone walking around over our heads. Between this place & the last place, that's over five years with people walking on top of us. It can sometimes be nerve wracking having people stomping over you. I swear sometimes it sounds like they're dragging a dead body across the floor up there. My hubby often asks me, "What are they doing up there?" Like I would know... It will also be nice not to cringe if I accidentally make noise when I know they are in bed... Another thing we wont miss is not being able to control our own temperature. We've been in a basement apartment, which is separate from the house upstairs, but all on the same electric, so nothing is divided, including the gas furnace, which they control upstairs. Some days it has been unbearably hot down here. We've even had to open our windows a lot during the middle of freezing cold winter, just so we wouldn't die.

We've never been ones to use our heat at night, ever. We sleep SO GOOD when the house is cooler & I can snuggle under my quilts & cozy up next to my hubby. Plus, I am SO frugal that I try every way I can to conserve as much as possible.

We are also looking forward to toilets that don't overflow randomly. I mean, I have a nice plunger & I know how to use it, but that doesn't mean I need to work out with it three or four times per week every other month or so. It's usually that moment when you come running in from outside, because you really gotta go & you lift the lid to see the water all the way up to the rim & you hear it going glug, glug. Your eyes get as big as saucers, as you squeeze your legs together, while reaching for the plunger, as you do the pee pee dance, just so you can get the water level down enough so your butt cheeks don't get soaked with a chilly surprise, while you're peeing.

We are also looking forward to having a paved driveway. I mean, I've done my best to keep the weeds sprayed on the entire gravel driveway here, for us & for the landlord above us (mostly because we like our space to look nice, so we can enjoy our time there), but it is a never-ending job. One of which I will not miss. At all.

I'm a little sad for the hummingbirds that frequent us here, as we will be taking down their five feeder "Hummingbird Buffet" & I have NO idea what they will do now. I had a long chat with one little guy today as he was dining here. I promised him that we were gonna miss him & told him where we'll set up next, in case he flies north. Oh, I do hope he does!! I thanked him for visiting us often over the past couple of years & told him we've enjoyed him & his family & friends.

I do think it's kind of cool that our next door neighbor will be moving the exact same day as we are. Totally an unplanned surprise... AND we wont be living too far from where she will be for the next few months, so we will still see her from time to time (I hope). She has been such a great, kind neighbor to us & we do SO love good neighbors!

For tonight, I will head on in & put on my jammies & cozy up another night, with my sweet hubby. I need to rest up for an overnight of sleep, so I can finish some more packing tomorrow & gather strength for the big move ahead.

Sweet dreams!