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In the Kitchen, with Krys

Vanilla Buttermilk French Toast

I am not a morning eater.

When we get up in the morning, we go straight to our favorite cup of coffee & call it breakfast. Neither one of us are breakfast eaters... However, we do so LOVE us some breakfast foods. I'm a huge fan of a nice, salty, smoked, crisp bacon. Sometimes I add pepper & a light dusting of brown sugar, for a change of pace.

I always cook my bacon on parchment paper, in the oven. It comes out beautifully perfect every single time. No mess, no fuss. I don't have to spend precious time standing in front of the stove, turning strips of bacon & getting splattered with hot greasy pops of oiliness. I can spend that extra time, whipping up other goodies, like my "Vanilla Buttermilk French Toast", while the oven does all of the work.

Parchment paper is my new best friend!

You can click on this link & purchase my favorite parchment paper (& anything else you're in need of while you're there). You wont be sorry.

Honestly, if you're not friends with parchment paper, you really need to be. Once the parchment paper on the baking sheet cools & the bacon grease becomes solid, all I do is fold it up & toss it into the trash. I never even need to wash the pan! Hallelujah!!

As some of you know, I am a VERY picky eater. I just don't really like most foods... However, I do love a good French Toast with my bacon. I prefer it when I make it myself. Nothing against anyone, really. I'm just squeamish & eggs make me feel sick, unless they're in cookies or cake. BUT I can tolerate them mixed up as a coating on my favorite French Toast.

When I make my French toast, I just get out a cake pan or a good sized pie tin, pour in at least a half cup or so of Bulgarian buttermilk, then crack in a few jumbo eggs. I add a smidgen of pure vanilla extract & a jigger of my Torani vanilla or French vanilla syrup, whichever I happen to have on hand. I've also been known to add some of my coffee creamer, for extra added flavor. We use International Delight, French Vanilla Creamer...

Click the link below to get yourself some

French Vanilla creamer.

Remember, I'm a dump cook.

I just dump in & rarely measure

& I'm a huge fan of just using up what I have on hand. Like the rest of my life,

I just wing it.

After I use a fork to beat up the eggs, vanilla & buttermilk, I add in a pretty good shaking of cinnamon. You can't go wrong on the amount. A little if that's how you like it or a lot if you're like me. It only makes it better with more.

After you give it a good beating, slap some butter in a warmed up frying pan & let it melt. Not too hot, because butter burns VERY easily & you don't want that mess to ruin your breakfast!

This is my complete line-up for my Vanilla Buttermilk French Toast. Sorry, vanilla extract is shy & went straight back into the baking cabinet. Mrs Butterworth hangs out & waits for the finish... These guys make such a great blended family. Tasty!

I like to use the Franz, thick sliced Texas Toast egg bread. It really makes a rich & yummy French toast, but you can use any bread you like. My second choice would be sourdough. YUM!!

Drop a slice into the pool, let it swim a bit,

then do the back-flip,

until both sides are nicely soaked.

Then carefully drop it over into the

pan on the hot bed of melted butter...

Once they've got a bit of

a golden crust on both sides

& aren't doughy in the middle, they're done.

I like to flip em out onto the plate, with the hot side up (the side most recently down in the frying pan) , so the butter melts nicely...

This is where Mrs Butterworth goes to work...

This is my hubby's plate of French toast

(before I added his bacon).

I like my French toast with butter & sugar. Now don't go all crazy on me, thinking that's a lot of sugar. I've made maple syrup from scratch many times before & it's basically a lot of sugar...

French toast is SO GOOD this way!!

I love when the sugar melds with the butter. Ooh, it's so, SO GOOD!!!!

Honestly, I could eat this several times a week

& I'm super picky.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Please leave me a comment if you try this

& let me know how it came out.

I've included links below, where you can find

a few of my favorite French toast fixin's.

Feel free to go shopping now.

Thanks bunches

for joining me here!

Please feel free to share my blog with your friends & help me to get more traffic.