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To My Mom

My mom is the MOST beautiful mom in the world!

Mom... Thanks for being THE BEST mom EVER! I couldn't have made it in the world without you mom. You have been SO good to all of us kids & loved us all so much. I appreciate you for the way you raised us, with morals & respect & a LOT of love... You have shared a LOT of love to all of us.

All Six Kids, with Mom & Dad.

I love making you laugh & the way you hold your hand over your mouth sometimes & giggle...

She laughs so good.

Such a beautiful smile.

& I love how you can grow & nurture plants, just like you grew & nurtured all of us kids...

Mom grows Beautiful Things...

Budding Beauty

Mom & her Baby Brother, with His Tomatoes.

A rose for a rose.

Most of all, I am SO grateful that you are still here with us & we get to keep on enjoying you, as you age as gracefully as possible. I know it's not easy, but you don't make it look half bad. If I'm doing half as good as you when I'm pushing 89, I will be doing good....

Mom & Dad with my little brother.

Mom with my Sister

Mom & Dad with two of their many grandkids.

Thanks mom, for always caring & being so loving to all of us kids & for understanding us & all of our differences...

Super fun family.

I love you & I will forever remember all of your ways & teachings. You were always there, when I needed someone. You always tried to sooth my wounds, when I had one... I loved it when you strained the pulp out of my orange juice, because you knew I didn't like that it felt like I was drinking bugs. I also loved it when you saved me some salad in a separate bowl, before you added the tomatoes, since I was the only one in the whole family who hated tomatoes. Thanks for trying to always have at least one thing during our meals that you knew I liked, so I didn't have to go hungry, because there were SO few things that I liked... I never starved.

I will never forget how you always got up early in the mornings, to turn the heat on in the house & light the fire, before anyone else got up, so we wouldn't be cold.... & You prayed a hedge of protection around us all, every single day (& I'm sure you still do today). I know many of your prayers have been answered & many are yet to come, when the time is right... I will also never forget how every morning, during the growing season, I could always count on waking up & looking out the window, to see your butt sticking up in the garden, while you were bent over out there weeding, before the sun came up. I am SO grateful for that & the fact that I love my veggies AND I love gardening. Thanks for teaching me to be a gardener (even when I didn't want to learn). What a great thing to teach your children!

Our Garden a Couple of Years Ago.

Mom, you did SO much for me. More than you know. You taught me morals & respect. Those things are hard to come by these days. You would have used soap to clean my mouth, if I swore. Thankfully, I was smart enough that I didn't have to ever taste soap... & To this day, I still don't swear...

No relation, he just had to eat soap, lol.

You can order my favorite bar soap right here...

Thanks for being a nurturing mom to us & for telling us how proud you were of us. You built us up, so that we had self esteem & that is SO important, in the minds of your kids.Thank-you for bringing me up to be a lady. I know you tried your best, but as many times as you told me it wasn't proper to say, "I'm hot!", I never really could ever just say, "I'm warm", because I really was hot. Sweating even...

Mom & Her Two Girls at the Beach

& Thanks for not minding that I changed out of my dress every Sunday, as soon as church was out, before we went home. Thanks for wanting me to be comfortable.Thanks for teaching me to be frugal. What a valuable thing, I use that gift daily. Mom, not only did you take great care of us kids, but you loved our dad & you always took good care of him no matter what... You showed me how to be a great wife & how to love my hubby, in good times & in bad times & how to not be a quitter, even if times were tough... & You know we've been through some really tough times throughout our life together. Mom, you taught me how to love unconditionally. Not by telling me how, but by doing so yourself. You led by example & that means so much more than telling us how to be. You showed us.

Look how long you put up with dad. Oh sure, I do LOVE him so, as well & he is pretty amazing, but he can be stubborn too. Thank God we can all laugh it out!

Mom & Dad's 66th Anniversary

The Earlier Days

Young Family

Mom, I love how after Verle died, you took on his cat, Buddy, even though dad hates cat. I love how that cat loves you & walks with you. I know you love that cat, because Verle loved it.


You taught me faith & that has kept me strong, my entire life. I'm so tough, I chew up nails & spit out tacks. I'm not a worrier, I'm a warrior...

I learned a lot from watching you & how you cared for all of us & for dad. Thanks for caring. Thanks for wanting us to have what you couldn't have... Thank-you for having wisdom & knowing when we needed to learn something.

Most of all, mom, thanks for just being you!

You will always be my mommy

& I will always love you!

Happy Mother's Day!