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On a Wing & a Prayer

So, yesterday I took my Sweet Mr out. It had been a while since he'd left the house, aside from going to lunch with our sweet friend & I know he tends to get cabin fever...

Stuck at home, day after day.

I needed to go to the bank...

& I figured we could splurge on our favorite French fries on our way home.

Frugal Krys was in agreement...

I knew I was low on fuel, but I had to get to the bank & cash a check, so we'd have some money. I never like my sweetie to stress out (& Stress he WILL!) , so beforehand, I flipped the truck computer's digital reader onto the outside temperature setting, instead of the estimated miles until empty... My fuel gauge was nearly to the red line when we left the house, but I never breathed a peep about it & he never even noticed the ding ding of the low fuel alert.

I'm a praying gal, right? Plus, I have a HUGE faith. More than ever!... I plunge forth, KNOWING that God will ALWAYS get me through.

We drove from Stanwood, to Smokey Point (It's our bank's nearest branch) & then from the bank, over to Arlington, since The Fountain Drive-In has THE BEST crinkle cut French fries EVER... My Sweet Mr decided he didn't want to get out of the truck, so I parked & went inside to order our food, then we sat & ate it in our truck. He had a cheeseburger, fries & a pineapple milkshake & I had fries & a tiny dish of vanilla soft serve to dip them in.

We took turns dipping our fries in my ice cream & had a yummy picnic in the parking lot.

After our picnic my hubby asked if we could go to the dollar store in our new town, so I took him there & let him roll around in his wheelchair to pick out a few things.

He found some goodies

& then we made our way home.

All the while, I had been watching our fuel gauge, knowing it was low, but not wanting my sweetie to stress out about it. I just kept praying silently to myself, thanking God for getting us to where we needed to go. The high cost of fuel at the places we were near, was over the top for me. We have to watch every dime, so even paying a few extra dollars was a stretch. I needed to make it to a station with a reasonable price. I'm frugal.

We have a large fuel tank.

We made it. Thank-you God!

When I was turning in to the parking lot next to the fuel station, I decided to switch the computer back to where I normally keep it. It said "Estimated miles until empty - zero". I had no idea how long it had said that, but I looked up just in time to see my hubby's eyes as he saw the zero. They were as big as saucers...

He was pretty shocked, but since we were at the gas station, he knew he didn't have to fret, so there was no point in him saying anything. I did get the, "Babe!" scolding, but he let it go after that.

If there's one thing I have learned in my lifetime, it's to have faith, let go & "trust" that all WILL be well & work out for good... I just need to pray more about getting my hubby to do the same.

I prefer to be as faithful as the tiny bird

who sings out in the dark of night...

Faith is seeing light with your heart,

when all your eyes see is darkness...

Faith is like Wi-fi. It's invisible, but it has

the power to connect you to what you need...

Faith can move mountains,

just don't be afraid if God hands you a shovel. If you feel led to donate, to help us on our journey, while we work hard helping Dean get back strength & mobility on his right side, which was paralyzed after the stroke, please copy & paste the link below into your browser, to get to our GoFundMe. We appreciate any & all support. Thanks! https://www.gofundme.com/f/dean-rockwood039s-road-to-recovery