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Repeat Offenders

This blog post is about purchasing from Amazon.

I recently signed up with Amazon, so that I could advertise here in my blog posts in an attempt to make some income off of my blog-site. I may or may not get paid a small percentage of some sales...

Ever since my hubby became disabled, it's been quite the struggle to make ends meet. He can't work or function on a normal level, so earning the majority of our income is left up to me. It's also difficult for me, since my hubby needs me a lot here at home too. If I'm gone more than a few hours, it takes a toll on him. He tries so hard to do as much as he possibly can, with his poor feet, but he gives out in very little time. He becomes a fall risk as the day goes on, due to the weakened state of his feet & ankles. He also becomes very woozie from his meds, which gives him the need to nap. It feels a lot better to all of us, if I can work from home, to be here to make sure he has what he needs & watch that he doesn't overdo & hurt himself.

SOooo... I'm hopeful that by partnering with Amazon, I will generate income for us & that life will be a bit easier & much less stress.

In this blog post, I will place ads for things that we all use on a regular repeat basis. Please, please click on the ads. Please feel free to make your purchases from any of the ads you see here. I will keep on adding items as they come up. Please feel free to share this blog post too, if you feel led to.

Let's go shopping...

Thanks a bunch

for helping me out!

Office Supplies

Cleaning Supplies