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Call Me Old Fashioned

Is it just me or do y'all think prices have gotten ridiculous over the last few years?

It makes me think of the last thing my Granny told my Dad on her death bed. She said, "I remember when the price of milk was the highest" & he said, "When was that?" & Granny said, "When the cow jumped over the moon"

Cow Jumping Moon

Today my hubby pleaded with me to take him back to the dollar store (we were "just" there a week ago). Now, keep in mind, I am not wanting to go. Anywhere. Our rent is due & I have made it my number one goal in life to always, ALWAYS pay the rent first. I mean, seriously. We already lost our home once when the economy tanked, so keeping a roof over our bed is tops in my book. I truly don't care if I ever left the house aside from working, as long as it means the rent gets paid... My hubby though. He really doesn't have much joy in his life (Well, there is me, but I'm just his wife). It's not his fault his feet have become crippled & I know in my heart that it's very important for him to be able to get out from time to time. He doesn't ask for much. I mean, come on, it's the dollar store. Everything's only a dollar! I did have some of my birthday money left that we could use...

SOooo, I warmed up the truck, loaded up the wheelchair & helped him get his fancy "Terminator" boots on.

They're two pieces & custom fit, molded just for him.

These things are HEAVY!

They do help support him & keep his ankles more stable, but they're painful to wear for too long & exhausting. I'm thankful he has them!

While we were on our way there, he asked if we could go to Subway for a sandwich first, since we really hadn't eaten anything yet & it was next to the dollar store. We did. I hate sandwiches, so I ordered extra bacon on the side of his sub, for me. He had a foot long & we made it a meal & added cookies. When she rang us up, she said "That'll be $18.31" I was shocked!

I gulped & asked, "Why is it so high, for one sandwich?" She said, "I think it's the bacon?", so I asked her how much the bacon was & she said it was a dollar fifty. Thank God I'm still a cheap date! Never in a hundred years would I dream that one foot long sub meal with a couple of cookies would cost nearly $20. Gone are the days of the five dollar foot long, I guess... I must be really old.

After we ate, we drove across the parking lot to the dollar store, where I parked in the handicapped parking space.

I jumped out & rushed to the back of our truck, to lift out the wheelchair, so my hubby could get in & go for a roll around the store... As I was lifting down the wheelchair, my hubby was hobbling his way to the back of the truck, in his big clunky boots, I noticed a youngster running over yelling out, "Excuse me!" & I thought to myself, "Oh no, I hope he doesn't ask for money" (It's happened to me a few times before). To my surprise, he piped right up & said, "I just wanna apologize for pre-judging you". I must have given him a surprised look, so he went on & said, "When I saw you park here in the handicapped & get out of your truck, I didn't see you hang up the thing from your mirror & I totally prejudged that you were parking here & then I saw you getting out the wheelchair & him walking & I just wanna say that I'm sorry"

Kudos to his parents for raising him up to admit something like that & to go apologize to complete strangers for doing so! I reminded him that not everyone has a hangy thing & ours is on the license plate. *I pointed towards the tiny wheelchair emblem on our plate. He nodded & said, "Ahh!"

Back to the dollar store. Did you know you could get DVD movies there now? For a dollar! My hubby was thrilled, as he has exhausted & re-exhausted his DVD movie selection. He has oodles of movie watching time these days. He actually found a few he'd never heard of that looked good to him & then went for a roll to check out the other end of the store, which he missed last time. Shoot! He found a rubber mallet & I had just been asking him for one, so he insisted on getting it.

We made our way down the isles, mostly for my hubby to get some activity & pick out some gum & frozen burritos & a couple of cans of Vienna sausages, then we got in line. When our items were all rung up, the cashier accidentally added the one item into our total that belonged to the gal in back of us. To my horror, I saw it was a pregnancy test, so I piped up & said, "Oh, that's not ours" & the cashier said, "Oops", as she tried to fumble with the keys & void that item from our total. Then I went on to say, "Oh, that's definitely not ours, 'cause my eggs are all rotten"

Seriously though! I remember back in the day, pregnancy tests used to cost a fortune, I would never have afforded one & we didn't have dollar stores in the old days.

But isn't it amazing the things you can buy at the dollar store??? & Everything's only a dollar!

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