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In the Kitchen, with Krys

Meatloaf Burgers

I'm not much of a meat eater. Totally NOT a fan of it. Especially if it's ground meat of ANY sort!... However, it's reasonably priced, my hubby loves it & when you don't have much money left over for groceries, you find the most efficient ways to stretch your funds for foods... That's how I came up with meatloaf burgers. I needed to make our burger meat go a little bit farther, so I started adding things to it, to make it bigger, so to speak.

This is just some cheap burger meat I picked up at Walmart. It's 15% fat.

I added these Saltine crackers into it...

Seasoned ground beef, crackers & egg.

My hubby LOVES black pepper.

I just crumbled the crackers in

& cracked the egg over them.

It wouldn't be complete without A-1 steak sauce.

Sometimes I add chopped sweet onions or mushrooms. Sometimes I put a jigger

of Tapatio hot sauce in the meat too.

Just dump in whatever you'd like.

After I mixed it up, I shape it into burger patties for the grill. I like to indent the center, so it cooks

up nice. The center always puffs up when cooked,

so the indent fills up & becomes flat.

He always adds even more pepper

before he grills the patties.

Here they are, hot & ready.

Smells SO good!

Honestly, I just use whatever is on hand.

Use your imagination. Most of all... Enjoy!!

I've partnered with Amazon, in order to advertise here on

my blog, in an effort to help support my sweet hubby,

in the manner to which he has become accustomed.

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You can find some of the fixin's for my

meatloaf burgers right here...

& Some things I always have on hand for cooking...