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To My Dad

My dad is THE most amazing

& hilarious dad on the face of the Earth!

My dad.

Dad... Thanks for being THE BEST dad EVER!

I couldn't have made it in the world without you dad. You have been SO good to all of us kids & loved us all so much. I appreciate you for the way you raised us, with morals & respect & a LOT of love... You have shared a LOT of love to all of us.

Dad, I will forever think of you whenever I smell fresh cut wood of ANY type... When you used to come home from the lumber yard, covered with a thin layer of dry, powdery sawdust, I always loved the smell of the wood on you....

Thank-you for my HUGE love of the flames & the sounds of crackling cedar burning.

Thanks also for your ever ready, contagious smile & for passing it on to me. Your sense of humor is tops... & I love your genes!

Dad, thanks a bunch for being married to our mom, since forever. You are such a fabulous example of how a man should love his wife. Thanks for always showing us your love, by loving our mom continuously. Thanks for always making her (& All the rest of us) laugh every single day! Thanks for being SO fun & absolutely hilarious!

Thanks for keeping us a family.

Any man can be a father, but it takes

a special person to be a dad.

& Thanks for being a family man, dad,

since long before I was even born.

Hats & all.

Dad, thanks for ALWAYS being such a hard worker & for teaching me the value & benefits of working hard... Always fun & full of laughter & jokes...

Always ready with a hug... You've taught me SO much in my lifetime... & Always been there to pick me up when I fall down & quick with a comforting hug... I'll never forget the funny faces I woke up to, in the window, while camping in the back of our truck (my friends were always slightly scared & then very amused. LOL).

Thanks for teaching us all how to make faces, even if you probably didn't plan on it...

Dad, thanks for being a gardener & teaching us kids how important it was to grow our own fresh foods every summer, even if we only cared about eating corn on the cob & kohlrabi, not growing them.

Thanks for growing gardeners in your family, so that I could grow up & be able to accomplish this...

& Thanks for coming over when our tomatoes were ready, so you could take them off our hands & go home to eat them. You love them so much.

Thanks for being so excited about our gardens & for being so proud of us growing them.

Thanks for loving us & our crazy growing habits.

Dad... Ever wise... & Always ready to lend a hand & to be there with a smile or a funny joke... You make the world a better place.

You taught me to be who I am & not to worry about things, everything always works out... & That I "can" do anything or "be" anything... You helped me learn how to be strong & have courage.... & To "never" give up or be a quitter, shaping the strengths I had & have to this day... Always telling us how proud you were of us & still are today...

You were my first love... & I am SO thankful that I still have you in my life today... & I can say, "Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!"

& Thanks for being the BEST dad ever!!

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