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In the Kitchen with Krys

Super Simple Homemade Gravy

Gravy isn't just for Thanksgiving, right?

I think I've mentioned this before, but I am a SUPER picky eater! My motto is, "If it's gooey or chunky, I ain't eatin' it!"... SOooo... That means I do NOT like gravy. At all. Period!... However, I make a pretty mean gravy, from scratch. No kidding! I've never even tasted it, but I can do it up right. It's magical gravy. It always disappears, with dreams of next time.

I've run across a lot of people during my lifetime, who are seriously lacking in the gravy making department, so I thought I'd help em out a bit. With step-by-step pictures even.

It's SO easy, you can do it!

First things first, I start with butter. I always use "real"butter. I'm a huge fan of using things that aren't loaded with chemicals & butter is a good, whole food. No added junk.

You can use a half a stick of butter, or a whole stick & if you are feeding an army, use two sticks!.. I used a half stick of butter for this batch.

Toss that butter into a mildly warm pan & let it melt. Don't have the pan turned up too high, as butter burns quickly & you can ruin a good meal, fast, with burnt butter. Nobody wants to have to wash the pan & have a do over (Speaking from experience here!).

I always like to use my "Scanpan Classic 11 Inch Wok" for sauces & gravies & even when I make candy, fudges or brittles. It's heavy duty, heats evenly & plenty of room for stirring. Plus, everything I've ever cooked in it, comes out perfect, every single time. I'll put a link to my favorite pan at the bottom of this blog post, so you can click on it & get yourself a fabulous pan. I've had mine for over 30 years & it's been my most absolute favorite pan. It's a priceless kitchen gem.

Once the butter starts to melt, measure an equal amount of flour & toss it in the pan too. I used a 1/4 cup of butter, so I added in a 1/4 cup of flour. This is the key!! "EQUAL parts" butter, to flour. I can't express this enough. Very important!

When the butter is melted & the flour has been dumped in, stir it together...

I just use my round, Teflon, egg-flipping spatula, to stir it all together. It has a large stirring edge & I can scrape the bottom of the pan with ease. Plus, it just feels right... Notice how the flour & butter have come together to make a pasty, bubbling roux. Stir it around & let it cook for about five minutes on a medium (or low even) heat. Not too hot... Cooking it right now, takes the pasty flavor out of the flour mixture.

Once you can scrape it all together & see that it's thickened, you can add some broth or whatever liquid you'd prefer.

I sprinkled in some chicken bouillon granules for flavor.

I keep bouillon granules on hand at ALL times in my spice cabinet. We use them often... & I always use "Kitchen Bouquet" in my brown gravy. It adds a nice brown color & seasoning to the gravy.

For this batch, I had just cooked a turkey breast, so I had drippings from the pan to use, which gives it a fabulous flavor. You can make gravy without drippings, so not to worry, but if you happen to have them, it's a bonus...

This is the oven bag, with the drippings I had from cooking an eight pound turkey breast... I ALWAYS use a Reynold's Oven Cooking Bag to roast my turkey in. SUPER easy. No muss, no fuss!

Use however much of the drippings you would like. All or none, there is no set rule, it's simply a matter of taste & what's on hand at the time you're making your gravy. I have even used milk as my liquid, but I still flavored it with some chicken bouillon granules... I start out by adding some of the liquid, then stir it together with the roux & add more, until I get as much as I want to make at the time. The gravy will thicken as it starts to come back up to temperature. Use your spatula to smooth out the roux, smashing & stirring anything that might look lumpy. If done correctly, your gravy should always come out smooth, with no lumps.

My hubby is a huge fan of pepper & we like "Hot Shot". It's a red & black pepper blend.

Now you can add the rest of your liquid. Broth, water or milk. It's your call... If you only have water, be sure to use enough seasonings to make your gravy flavorful.

I add seasonings a few times throughout my cooking process, to get the flavor just right... For me, since gravy isn't my thing, I depend on my faithful taste tester (my hubby, of course), to tell me if it needs anything. I'm always pleasantly pleased when he just says, "Mmmm!"

You can see it's starting to come up to a slow boil now & thickening very nicely...

This is when I add the "Kitchen Bouquet".

A few drops will do.

Such a nice caramel colored gravy.

My hubby loves my gravy & he especially loves a nice, home-cooked turkey dinner with all of the fixin's.

Don't wait until Thanksgiving to try this. It's so easy, you should make it at least once a month. Then by the time the holidays roll around, you'll have it perfected & your guests will be oohing & ahh-ing all around your dinner table. Trust me.

Don't worry! It may look like I slaved away in the kitchen ALL day, but all I did was unwrap a turkey breast, rinse & season it, then tie it up it into a roasting bag & toss it into the oven. It wasn't even thawed, but the roasting bags are magical & it was cooked up nicely in only a couple of hours... & Those are instant mashed potatoes & Stove Top Stuffing (I embellished it, with celery & onions), from a box. Add my fabulous homemade gravy to it all & it has the appearance of the good old fashioned dinners granny used to make... A crazy, busy gal like me has to find as many cheats as possible to keep our kitchen smelling divine... Oh, sure, I do cook from scratch quite often & I love to do it, but I'm trying to give you some time saving tips here... It's OK to be short on time, but we all still have to eat. Why should we sacrifice on flavor, when there's Stove Top?

& Now you can make the gravy!

Let me know how it goes.

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