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Meet Frugal Krys

Introduction to my frugal ways...

OK, it's no secret. Never has been. I'm extremely frugal... That's the nice way to say it. I'm cheap... Maybe it's in my genes. Genetics are pretty strong. Who knows? All I know is, if I can do it for less, I will.

Squeeze every penny out of your dollars...

From time to time, I'll write blog posts on things I do to save money. I'm an oldster now, so I forget sometimes, but as I remember, I will share them with you.

I'm not always frugal because I "want to be". Most of the time I'm frugal because I "have to be". When you have no choice, there is no choice...

Having a disabled hubby, who can't work, changed a LOT of things in our lives. He tries his best to get around, but after only a few hours of me being gone, it becomes a huge struggle for him to get around & I need to be here, to make sure he is safe. He has fallen more than once, sadly.

We lost our house in 2010. The economy took a dive & so did we. It was beyond our control & it all happened so fast. We wondered if we could even crawl out & roll away... We were frugal well before that though, which allowed us to go forward from our HUGE loss & keep on functioning with little to nothing.

The cost of living these days has gotten to be TOTALLY ridiculous! *Rolls eyes here...

The high cost of fuel is crippling. We rarely leave the house for anything other than when I have to go out & work. One trip out somewhere can really hurt, so we've learned to make do with what we have at home & combine all of our errands into one trip every now & then, or I stop on my way home. I try to take my hubby out at least once per month, so he can roll around in his wheelchair, usually at Walmart, or sometimes the Dollar Store. It may possibly be the highlight of his month. Thankfully, we have a decent yard where we live now & he can crawl around & putter in the yard. The garage helps tremendously too.

One way we save money every month, is by not having TV. All of our lives, we had free TV. Then the digital days came by & we were forced to suffer through the digital TV boxes that we hooked up, to receive the digital signals, so we could still get our old favorite, "free" local TV channels. We had to pay for those boxes & you had to have one for each TV you wanted to use. Once we lost our house, we no longer had those hooked up, so we decided to try out satellite TV for a while. It was the first time in the history of our lives that we'd ever paid for TV. We hated it. There's nothing worse than knowing you are paying monthly & have ALL those channels, but there is still nothing on & what is on, is all repeats. What a waste! Oh, how we missed our old, "Free TV" stations...

Gone were the days of "Rabbit Ear" antennas.

The end of an era. Sad!

Old fashioned TV with rabbit ear antenna...

These days (& for the last seven years), we have chosen to forego the monthly bill of pay TV, go without & just watch DVD movies. We own hundreds of old videos & every now & then, I take my hubby to Walmart, let him roll around in his wheelchair & dig in the $5. (or less) movie bin. You can find some great old movies in those bins!... Quite honestly, we don't miss TV & there is no bad news fed into our home. My hubby is depressed enough without all of that. Plus, it's SO peaceful here... SOooo, there is life after TV!

Another way we save, is by not having fancy cell phones & monthly phone bills. We got rid of our landline around the same time that we stopped having pay TV. We never looked back & don't miss that phone at all... We wouldn't even have my dinosaur cell phone, if my son had not gotten it for us in the first place. I've had it nearly 13 years now & it still works great. Original battery too. Yay!! Check this baby out...

Me & my dinosaur phone.

When my son sent us this phone, it had $20. worth of minutes on it. I "chose to" have the prepaid plan with Virgin Mobile. Talking minutes were 18 cents each, but I could purchase a text plan, which cost only two cents per text, AND I only have to spend $20 every ninety days, to keep the phone active. I am so frugal that at the end of ninety days, I still have a few dollars left on my phone balance. I rarely ever answer my cell phone, but it has voicemail, so people can leave a message & texts are the best way to reach me.

Thankfully, my hubby is on a plan with his family & they pay for it. We are very grateful to have that. It's kind of like a lifeline for my hubby, in case of emergency, when I'm not home.

Another way we save, is by not going to the store. When we do go shopping, we make sure to have a list & try to stick to it. We store up for a week or two & stay away from stores in between trips.

The more times you enter a store, the more chance you have of buying things you do not need & spending money you don't have or can't afford to spare. Sometimes, you can stop off for one or two items & end up spending nearly a hundred dollars on things you didn't even know you needed!

Shop smart, then eat smart once you get home. For instance, buy fresh sliced deli meats for sandwiches (WinCo has the best prices on lunch meat, by far) & canned tuna. Use up the lunch meat during the first week, since it spoils faster, then make tuna or egg salad for sandwiches a couple of times the following week. This will give you a variety AND also keep you out of the stores for another week. Buy fresh AND frozen produce. Cook the fresh produce up first, then use the frozen. Canned veggies are good in a pinch too & I try to always have some on hand. We try to stock up if we can when they're on sale for cheap.

We also buy the larger size container on things we use every day. You can get a better deal on quantity & you'll be using it every day anyway, so it wont go to waste. Plus, it will keep you from making more unnecessary trips to the store.

Think ahead of time what your meals will be for the week... When I cook, I make enough for an extra meal or two, then have it ready in the fridge, to heat & eat. This also saves time on my busy days, while allowing my hubby to just grab a plate & pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. It makes it easy & it helps both of us. You can make easy, great tasting meals at home, for pennies.

Home cooked turkey dinner...

If you like canned soup & you see it in a multipak, buy it. This can take the price down from about $2.50 per can (we're talking the good brand, in the big can), to around a dollar or $1.25. It has a long shelf life & you wont risk it spoiling before you can eat it & you just saved over half on it. Plus, you have convenient lunch or dinner for days...

Of course, you can make homemade, from scratch soups, for a lot less, IF you have a bit of time. Sometimes convenience foods come in handy, when you have a busy life, short on time. Time is money. For me, it's the convenience of having some things my hubby can fix easily, if he gets hungry while I'm not home. Things that only take a minute or two, since that's about his time limit for being up on his feet.

I've also been known to buy some groceries at the dollar store. You can spend fifteen dollars there & come away with a lot of great things to add to your pantry. You may even get an extra week between grocery store trips that way.

I do have a lot of other things I do to save, because I have to & as they come up, I'll try to share them for you... I think being frugal is a good thing. Maybe I'm boring, but I know how to get along on the very little we have & I can still wake up with a smile each day.

I made these ads through Amazon, in order to advertise here on my blog, in an effort to help support my sweet hubby, in the manner to which he has become accustomed.

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