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CBD Oil & Me

OK, let's face it. If you know me,

you're shocked that I'm even discussing CDB oil. That's right! It IS me & we're about to go there.

I'm like the girl next door.

The girl you'd want to bring home to meet your parents.

True blue. Straight-laced. My dad was a minister & both of my parents have

been missionaries since long before I was born. I was born on the mission field & I was raised in church, practically born there, going to every single function. I'm a praying girl...

I don't swear, I never smoked & I have still, to this day, never had a single sip of alcohol. Yes, really! Not one drop! Well, I have had Nyquil, BUT I was thrilled when they came out with Nyquil gel caps, so if I was sick, I took those instead. Alcohol is completely gross to me. I am severely squeamish. Why would I ever even think of drinking something that I can't stand the smell of, or that might make me throw up?... & Besides, I just don't cave under peer pressure.

Anyway... As for smoking pot, I never wanted to do that either, but I can't say I never did. One of my boyfriends in school insisted on putting his mouth full of smoke over my nose & breathing his smoke into it, so I had no choice but to breathe it in. I was never high or felt any different than I ever did. It just wasn't my thing & truthfully, I never needed drugs or alcohol in my life to make it better. I was high enough on life as it was. Jesus was in my heart & I've always been happy any day I woke up breathing. I've never needed an escape. I have always preferred to face things head on, with a smile on my face & a prayer in my heart.

SOooo.... All of that being said,

let me tell you our CBD oil story...

Most everyone close to us knows my hubby is disabled. I mean, severely. Unfairly struck down in the prime of his life, with a debilitating foot disease. Two or three foot conditions, in fact. He has been suffering with his ailments for years now & I'm right there with him, holding his hand the entire way, every single day, after day, 24/7. One of my hubby's foot conditions is neuropathy, which involves severe, steady pins & needles, like when your foot goes to sleep, only it's never-ending. Continuous. Frazzling, to say the least. When he lies down, to try & go to sleep, the pins & needles feeling is amplified severely. Many, many nights, we've been up until dawn, trying to get past the annoyances of those horrid feelings in his poor feet (& his hands have it too). I do whatever I can to try & keep him from going out of his mind. I will scratch his fingers or the palm of his hands, or even his scalp. We watch old DVD's of M.A.S.H. or MacGyver & Green Acres, while we're attempting to get a tiny snippet of rest.

When he finally drifts off to sleep, after pure exhaustion, I am usually able to get a few hours of sleep myself. I have had a LOT of trouble sleeping for most of my life. My problem is, I can't shut off my mind. I have ten million things going on & I will stay awake the entire night making plans or thinking of what I did or have to do next. I'm just plain BUSY all the time. We have always kept our TV on & set the sleep timer for an hour, so I can focus on the show playing, in order to keep my mind from going running. It does help me a lot.

My hubby also has severe arthritis in his feet & ankles, besides his other disease, which is Charcot-foot & Charcot-ankle. Charcot Arthropathy isn't something too many people know about, but you can Google it. Most of the time it's only in one foot or ankle, but my poor hubby is a rare case of having it in both of his feet & ankles, sadly. It's crippling, to say the least. He was prescribed these BIG, clunky, uncomfortable "C.R.O.W. Boots", which he wears sometimes, but they make him uncomfortable & he feels like he'll fall over because he is already such a tall guy & they add a few inches.

It not only affects his feet & the rest of his body, but it affects his mind & his moods & it's completely heart wrenching some days. It's hard to be so young & so incapacitated. I really feel for him. When you're a man, you want to be the provider & feel like you're taking care of your family. It's tough when your mind still works, but your body doesn't function well at all... Depression is real.

Well, a sweet friend of ours got into the CBD oil business. She was loving her drops & had done a lot of research & they were helping a lot of people, so she wanted my hubby to try them, because he really needs a lot of help to feel better. She knew we had no money, so she gave me a bottle for him to try. I faithfully drizzled the drops in under his tongue, morning & night. He never even resisted (He often resists taking his dose of meds from me, he hates those pills!). We went days & I didn't know if they were helping him, but I was noticing he was REALLY sleeping good, once he got to sleep. I've never been a jealous person, but I was actually a bit envious that he seemed to be sleeping soundly, since I never did. He never even knew I got up in the mornings... & I also noticed he was much calmer & not so agitated by the state of his life. He had often complained of his situation over the last seven years, with gusto. It was sad. BUT now he seemed a bit less stressed & for that I was ever SO grateful! I'll take it. No complaints! I love his lighter mood.

In case you have no idea what CBD oil is, you're not alone. Many people in my life have no idea...

CBD comes from the hemp plant. Cannabis...

Cannabidiol ~ CBD is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned”.

Fast forward a couple of weeks into my hubby taking his peppermint CBD oil drops & getting good sleep... I woke up one day with SUPER sore, very swollen glands. I wasn't sick, but my glands were quite annoying that day. We suspected it may have been from all of the smoke in our air from the forest fires in the countryside around us. It had been really bad & our air had become super thick with smoke... My hubby said, "Try my drops", so I did. Within a couple of hours, I noticed my glands weren't swollen at all & the pain was completely gone. I was actually amazed... I decided to keep on taking the lowest serving of 5 drops, morning & night & let me tell you... I have never slept better! Honestly! It's like night & day. I went to sleep & slept like there was no tomorrow! It amazed me & it still amazes me a month later... I will say, for the first couple of weeks, I did have to get up once every night to pee, which I never usually did before, but we suspect my kidneys were being cleaned out by the drops. I had been taking a huge dose of 800 mg Ibuprofen every afternoon, to get through my work day, because my hips & back ached SO BAD every single day. I had been struggling with those aches & pains quietly, so I could still care for my hubby & everyone around me, while I suffered in mostly silence, with my Ibuprofen to hold me over until bedtime. Taking all of those types of pain killers is very hard on your kidneys.

I have only taken Ibuprofen once since I started the drops. I have not taken any Ibuprofen for a month now. I actually feel great.

I was starting to think I had eaten too many Rice Crispy treats in my life, since I had felt so crunchy for so many years. All I had heard lately when I moved was "Snap, Crackle & Pop".

My back & hips are no longer in severe pain every day & I have been able to get a lot more done, all while still doing everything I had to do before.

I also had a suspicious spot on my left eyelid. A spot I never had before. You know, a spot they tell you to watch for. It was even a bright color & it had recently gotten bigger. I was thankful I could cover it up with eyeliner & I never ever mentioned it to anyone. God forbid someone would want me to have it checked. I am SO not a go to the doctor type of girl! At all! Dr Z is it for me (& She IS me!) (How I became Dr Z is for another blog post). That spot is now just a tiny freckle & I believe it's still on it's way out completely. Since being on 5 peppermint flavored CBD oil drops, morning & night, I have slept such a sound, dreaming sleep, that I wake up FULLY rested each day. My dreams are so bright & real, that when I wake up, it's like I just got back from a vacation. Overall, I am feeling great. There is nothing quite like feeling rested.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be taking these drops or wholly promoting them, but I have seen & felt firsthand their goodness & now I hope to be able to share them with everyone & anyone who will listen...

Even Frugal Krys is OK with the price. Here's the breakdown of the cost on the drops I'm taking...

I recently took a poll on my Facebook profile where I found that several of my friends are either taking CBD oil drops or giving them to their pets, with great success. My friend, Tammy said, "I have given it to my mother and she loves it, she has cutaneous B cell Lymphoma. It's getting rid of it with no side effects." How awesome is that!??? There were also several who said they had been wanting to try them. I would encourage them to give the drops a try. They are 100% natural & the brand we are taking has no fillers & are grown with organic practices. We have had zero side effects, unless you count sleeping great, so what can it hurt...

I made these ads through Amazon, in order to advertise here on my blog, in an effort to help support my sweet hubby, in the manner to which he has become accustomed.

I may or may not receive a tiny percentage from some sales. Please click here

& make your purchases at Amazon.