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In the Kitchen, with Krys

Whole, Fire Roasted Cauliflower.

Y'all know I'm a veg-a-holic, right? Not that I like to lie around all day & veg out, although that "could be" true too, but truly, I LOVE vegetables. Now, I don't love ALL of them, but I do love MANY of them & I can eat LOTs of them!... One of my most favorite veggies to eat cooked, is cauliflower. I've been known to buy a two pound bag of frozen cauliflower, cook it up & eat the entire pan myself... True love is spooning with someone all night long after they've eaten a pan full of cauliflower for dinner. LOL! We've spent a LOT of time camping, throughout our lives. We do love to camp! After several years of dragging a ton of stuff out to go camping, I finally said I wasn't doing that anymore & "If it can't be cooked in the fire, on the grill or eaten cold, we're not having it when we're camping, because it's my vacation too & I don't want to spend my whole time cooking outdoors & cleaning up after it all"... So I came up with this way to make an amazing outdoor cooked vegetable AND you can clean & prep the entire thing while you are still at home, so while you're out camping, all you have to do is grab it out of your cooler & toss it into the fire to cook. Yes!! Start by cleaning a head of cauliflower, but leave everything intact. Just cut the leaves & part of the core out..

It should look like this, in all one piece.

Rinse it thoroughly...

Both sides.

I never worry about draining it. In fact, a bit of water steams it nicely, as it's cooking, so just plunk it down on the foil, as it's dripping wet... I ALWAYS use only "Heavy Duty Foil" & keep LOTs on hand for those outdoor fire cooking occasions.

Drizzle on some Extra Virgin Olive Oil & slather it around. I use my hands, because olive oil is also good for my skin.

You can season it to taste. We happen to love Smokehouse Black Pepper, but it's hard to find it.

I also cook with celery salt, a LOT. It adds such great flavor.

AND I am a "Dill-a-holic", so I load it with dill.

Smoked paprika gives it a nice smoky flavor too.

All seasoned up...

I put a pat or two of butter on & wrap 'er up...

Ooh, it's gonna be SO GOOD!!!

When I'm cooking it out in the fire, I triple wrap it in foil. I make sure to wrap it the first time, then I lay out a new piece of foil & turn over the wrapped package of cauliflower, so the extra folds of foil will now be on the bottom side, instead of the top. Then do this a third time, with one more sheet of foil. Trust me, you will need the extra foil, if cooking in a fire. I have had my first layer of foil practically disintegrate from a hot fire before & my cooked cauliflower still cooked up nicely & came out beautiful & "clean". Learn from my experiences & you wont have to go through the same trials I did... I can save you oodles of time & money, lol. Yay!

Now, make sure your fire has been going a while before you start to cook in it, so you have a good bed of hot coals inside & stoke it up before adding your foil feast. If you have your fire ready, you can cook in it with ease. Sometimes I will place my wood chunks in a way that allows me to set the cauliflower up on top of two pieces, with a bed of HOT coals in between them, so it's a great resting place to cook on... I love me a good, HOT fire!!

There have been times when we wanted to roast a whole head of cauliflower, but it was too windy to build a fire or there was a burn ban, so I used the oven instead. It still cooks up beautifully, it's just not as fun. There's just something about sitting around a nice cozy fire, waiting for your food to get done cooking... & Then everything eaten outside, in the fresh air just tastes extra good. YUM!!

Here's how to do it in your oven if you need to...

Preheat the oven to 375*.

Wrap the cauliflower up in foil, but you'll only need to do this once for the oven cooking method. Then set it on a baking sheet.

It will take a "minimum" of an hour to cook in the oven & don't worry if it's longer. If you're cooking it in the fire, the temperature is much hotter & an hour is "usually" good enough to get it cooked.

& Put it in the hot oven.

After an hour or so, reach in carefully & test for softness. I use my oven mitt & press gently on the outside of my foil package. If it still feels too firm, I let it go longer. If it feels softish, it's done. We don't like our cooked cauliflower hard, so we cook it until it's tender.

If you are cooking it in the fire, use heavy duty work gloves to reach into the fire & turn your foil cauliflower package about every 10-15 minutes throughout the cooking time. Nothing is worse than burning the best part of your dinner, so keep an eye on that baby! I usually turn mine half a dozen times or so, to get it cooked evenly all the way through... After about an hour, check for doneness. Use your heavy duty gloves to gently push on the foil. If it's firm, cook it longer, if it's softish, it's done. It's your preference, so use your own cauliflower feeler to cook it to your liking.

When you unwrap it you will have a steaming head of cauliflower yumminess, like this...

Ooh, it's gonna be SO GOOD!!

Ours is fork tender, just the way we love it...

Yes, I could eat this entire head all by myself.

Look at that!! YUM!!!

There is still juice left in the foil, from the water that drained into it when we washed it. This is the key to a tender cooked head of cauliflower. Be careful not to let anything sharp pierce your foil, which can cause the juice to run out during cooking... I can hardly wait for our next fire & the chance to cook up some of this lusciousness!!

I hope you've enjoyed this episode of "In the Kitchen with Krys" & I hope you will enjoy fire roasting your cauliflower & eating it, as much as we do... Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this blog post, so we know you've been here... & Also, share the link to this blog post with your friends, so I can grow. Thank-you!!

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