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In the Kitchen, with Krys

Homemade Oven Fries

I'm a huge potato lover. I adore potatoes!!...

I like them all sorts of ways.

Since I'm a texture eater, I stay away from

mashed potatoes or scalloped potatoes,

but otherwise, bring me some potatoes!

Baked, boiled, fried, roasted...


Who doesn't love French fries? I "could" probably eat them every day IF I let myself. Sometimes I really crave them. I keep a few potatoes on-hand most all the time for those days when I get a bad hankerin'.

One of my hubby's favorite things is my homemade oven fries, so I will let him splurge & eat them every couple of months. He needs a certain amount of carbs, but we are always careful.

When I'm getting ready to make my oven fries, the first thing I do is get out my trusty old green Tupperware colander. Man I love that thing! Plus, it's just exactly like the one my mom used to have when we were kids. Nostalgia at it's finest.

I scrub up the potatoes really well, so there's no dirty grit. You can leave the skin on or peel the potatoes, it's your call... You can use any type of potatoes you have on hand. My most favorite are new potatoes, like the Yukon gold, or white potatoes. The baby reds are yummy too. For this batch, we had russet potatoes, so that's what we used... I slice em the long way, into wedges, then rinse em in my colander, to get any leftover dirt off.

Here's my biggest tip... Dump your raw potato wedges into a bowl & put cold water up over them. You can even do this the night before & leave them in your fridge, so they are ready to toss in the oven the next day when you come home from work. Make sure the potatoes are completely immersed though, so they don't turn gray, because that's just gross!... Putting them into water makes the texture super good. When you drain the water off, the extra starch drains out too, leaving you with a way better potato. Trust me. It's so simple to do & it's worth it!

Preheat your oven to 375*

When you're ready to bake your fries, drain the water & dump your potato wedges onto a baking sheet. I prefer to use parchment paper, but I didn't for this batch. It works fine either way. Parchment paper just makes for a super easy clean up & I love it!

While the potatoes are in a pile, drizzle a bunch of olive oil on them, then stir em around...

Then season them, according to taste. You can use whatever you like. We love celery salt on ours...

I'm a dill-a-holic & dill goes

fabulously on potatoes!

Once you've greased the potatoes up with olive oil & sprinkled your favorite flavors on them, you're ready to toss those babies into the oven. Spread em out on your baking sheet & make sure your oven is hot.

I always like to turn my fries, midway through their time in the oven. They take 45 minutes to an hour to cook, depending on how you like them, so after they've been cooking for 25 minutes or so, give em a flip with your spatula, for a more even cooking & to get the other side browned a bit.

When they're tender,

fill up your plate & chow down!

Oh great! Now I'm craving potatoes...

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