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Miracles Really DO Happen!

Do you believe in miracles?

I'm a firm believer in miracles. NO doubt about it. Absolutely NO question!

Let me tell you about my day today... When I woke up this morning, I had no idea how things would go. All I knew was that it's our 36th anniversary & I truly didn't even wanna let on to my hubby that it was our special day. I mean, I know it's a HUGE occasion, but do I really need to give my hubby another reason to feel sad or wish for something else he can't afford to do? I'm perfectly fine spending the day at home, alone with my sweetie. It makes absolutely no difference to me what we do, as long as we're together. To me, he is my gift & I will always cherish him & ANY day that I can spend with him. Zero doubts, NO question.

We have a truck. One vehicle. It's OLD. We bought it brand spankin' new, in May of 2000. NO other owner. We made monthly payments on our Blue Beauty for 6 years before it was paid off. During those six years & about the next five or six years, we did regular routine maintenance, as often as we needed to, like clockwork. Early on we met a great mechanic, who works on Dodge vehicles a lot & specializes in transmissions. A good, kind, decent, HONEST man... We've had a few major things that we had to get done during the time we've owned our truck. Nothing too horrific & "most" things routine, as needed.

A couple of months ago, I noticed a weird noise that happened randomly when I let off the gas peddle & coasted. It didn't do it all the time, so I didn't freak out about it. I just don't stress about stuff... I work outside the house a few times a week & drive about 34 miles away to get there, so it's a decent trek... THE most important thing about my commute, is that it's my prayer time. Not a trip goes by in that truck, where I'm not listening to worship music, while I pray. I have sometimes referred to it as , "The Church of Dodge Truck"... That being said, I know, without a doubt, that God has me in His ever-lovin' hands. Always, ALL days! NO question! Well, that sporadic little noise started happening a little more often & getting a little bit louder... & Louder... & My gut was starting to nudge me into thinking we needed repairs of some sort... It's SO hard to think of repairs when you have no way to pay for them, so for me, it's easier to pray, which is what I ALWAYS do. When my hubby asked me to take him to Walmart the other day, to use our Christmas gift card, I cringed. I truly did not want to go. Only because I know my husband & I know he would not like how that noise was getting more prominent. I knew he would freak out, wondering how we would pay to fix it... BUT, I knew in my gut that it was time for me to call our mechanic. I may not stress out, but I do realize the need to keep a vehicle running good, so we don't end up on the side of the road, stuck somewhere. Been there & it's not fun!... SOooo, when we went to Walmart, my hubby FREAKED out about the noise, just as I knew he would. I did my best, calming down routine & I promised him I'd call the mechanic.

Fast forward to this afternoon, when the mechanic knocked on our front door... I put the dog in her crate (she's cuckoo for company) & I opened the door... Our mechanic was standing on the porch, holding out a small white envelope & he said, "This was under your doormat"... I opened up the mystery envelope, to find a $50 gift card to Anthony's Home Port restaurant. I immediately burst into tears! We would be able to celebrate our anniversary after all... Folks, God really does care about even the tiniest things & He ALWAYS sends us angels. I know it may not seem like a lot to some people, but for me, with my hubby disabled & needing me at home with him more often than not, it's huge! I can't even remember the last time we dined in a super nice restaurant. I can hardly wait to take my sweetie out for a fabulous dinner.

Back to our truck... Our mechanic came in & took off his boots. We did all of the "Hi, how are ya? What's new?", as we haven't seen him for several months (Or over a year, actually). I fed him some of my homemade Spritz cookies & he asked to use the bathroom... Of course, I had to show him my art studio room, where he said, "YOU painted all this?" & then we walked down the hall, as he said, "I like the layout of your house" & I agreed. We got our shoes on & I took him out for a ride in our "Blue Beauty". Of course, it shifted like a dream while he was along for the ride (It has some transmission issues, but still works, so I don't stress it) (You have to remember, it's nearly 20 years old!). Then, as I drove up the highway & picked up speed, the dreaded noise made it's appearance, louder than ever. Yikes!...

I have no other way to describe it, other than it was similar to the noise a semi truck makes, when they use the Jake brakes, but not quite as loud. Only, we're not a semi truck... We drove on for a bit until he'd heard enough, then I turned us around to drive back home... He wasn't really sure what that noise was & he didn't really care for the feeling of it under his feet. I backed up into our driveway & he got his flashlight. I shifted into drive & reverse a few times, while he tried to look for a problem. Nothing was visible up front, but we could sure hear it clunking when we shifted into gears... When I got out, it sounded to me like it was coming from the back, so I got back in & shifted some more, while he got under the back with his flashlight... He got out & came to my window & said, "You're not driving this anywhere, you're about to lose your rear u-joint". I immediately said, "Oh crap! How am I gonna get to work tomorrow, clear over in Snohomish?" (I've been off a lot for the holidays & refuse to miss more work). We both shrugged & he had to leave to look at another lady's vehicle & said he'd call me later... I went online right away, to ask my friends to pray & if maybe anyone had a vehicle that I could borrow for the next two days to get to work & back. They were all praying. When the mechanic called, he said, "Here's what we're gonna do... I'm gonna go to the parts store right now & buy your parts & I want you to take your time driving, carefully & meet me out at my place & I'm gonna fix your truck tonight, so you can get to work tomorrow"... Hallelujah!! Who does that???... Folks, I am here to tell y'all, when you have faith & you pray & ask people to pray, miracles DO happen!!

Right now, as I've been typing this entire blog, I have been sitting inside our "Blue Beauty", up on a lift, inside of our mechanic's garage, eating Wheat Thins, drinking A&W Root Beer, while he is under our truck, taking it apart & fixing it. Miracles... Here's what he found, when he took apart our truck. This is mechanic talk & it really has no meaning to me, other than the miracle part... He said, "Your U-joint, ate the pin, lost the puck & spit out all the bearings... See that? *As he showed the broken part to me* It's sheared clean off! You were about to lose your drive shaft & a whole lotta other things"...

So I made sure to tell him that "Not a day goes by where I am ever driving this truck, that I do not pray the whole way, driving", so he assured me that was exactly why I made it & he was certain of it. It was truly a miracle that I "could" still drive it & that we made it where we were going, safely... On a wing & a prayer, believing that God had me in His ever-lovin' hands the whole entire way... & He truly did! He ALWAYS does! The parts were in & the work was done. He did check all of the other important things while he was under there & told me I would need my front brakes done at the end of winter. Otherwise, I was good to go, for now. He lowered our truck down off the lift, with me still inside & I paid the mechanic out of our rent money & took our big "Blue Beauty" on down the road, headed for home... It drives like a dream. So smooth. Feels brand new. No clunking. No clanging. No ugly noises... We still have a few random shifting issues, but that's another issue for future times, after we save up the money to have it fixed & at least I can drive it. Is that what I really wanted to be doing on the evening of our anniversary? No, but it's exactly what was meant to happen today... & Even though I had NO idea how I would pay for the repairs, & had to use some of our rent money, since I had a few more days until it was time to pay the rent, believing that God had a plan & whatever it was, I was fully willing to go along with it. Trust is THE hugest part of faith & I knew that God hadn't ever let me down & He never makes mistakes...

When I got home, I got my hubby settled in with some soup for a really late dinner & got his night meds, only an hour late. It was about 10:30 by now... Then I sat down at my computer & went online to thank my friends for praying & let them know all was well in Truckland tonight... We all commented back & forth a bit & I asked if anyone wanted to buy anything, (since I needed to earn back the money I had borrowed from our rent money) & before I knew it, one of my friends who'd recently been in my Art Studio room talking umbrella paintings piped up & said she wanted to buy my "Summer Rain" umbrella painting, which was exactly what I needed to make up the rent money I'd used... Hallelujah!

We're not quite done yet... The next morning, I was sipping my coffee before heading out for my first day back to work after a long holiday break & there was a knock at our front door... Our kind & giving neighbor was on the porch with "One last blast of Christmas 2018" & handed me some money & a gift card. We exchanged hugs & as I shut the door, I was literally sobbing gratefully. Happy tears... Just what I had prayed in faith recently on more than one occasion, "Thank-you God that ALL of our needs are met & our bills will be paid, in spite of the lack of work lately"... & It came to pass.

So, you see folks... Miracles really DO happen... We just need to believe.

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