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Woes & Wonders of Walmart

Today we had to make a special trip over to Walmart, since they screwed up the count on my Sweet Mr's insulin pens last time, causing him to run out before the normal time (This means another trip out there next week 😕). Only one prescription will be ready today & he is out of it after tonight, so rather go today than the weekend. Walmart doesn't care, right? The last thing I wanted to "have to" do was go there, especially knowing next week is our normal monthly trip over there for the meds.

I didn't get much sleep last night, since my guy wasn't sleeping good. His nose was getting stuffy & he has to sit up to get it to clear. I slept an hour here & an hour there... A girl's gotta do, what she's gotta do, right. My work is never done... Even if I'm TIRED.

We've been snowed in here for almost a week, so instead of me making a quick dash over & back, I said my sweetie could come with me if he wanted to. Of course, I knew he would because he hasn't even been able to go outside all of these days & we've missed our usual treks around the neighborhood... ❤️ We do have a pretty good sized grocery list too, but I like Winco's prices better because you get so much more for so much less & wasn't up to doing both stores. Plus it all costs money, so we have to be really careful... ❤️

Once we got parked (wonder of wonders, I actually got a handicapped parking space today, for once!), I went inside to retrieve a motorized cart for my guy & drove it out to him at the truck.

I wasn't sure if it was all the way charged up & a sweet old gal across the way saw me helping him out of our truck & onto the cart & she hollered out, "This one's fully charged & it's a GOOD one! Do you want it?" & I thanked her & went over & got it from her & helped my sweetie off the other cart & onto the charged one. After he was settled, I raced him to the door, since we now had two carts. LOL! I always bring the carts inside the store & plug em in, unless it's pouring rain.... ❤️

In the store, I like to make my man feel like he has a bit of freedom, so I made a plan that I would get the prescription & the coffee & creamer & meet him in the back by the cheap movie bin.

Even though we have no extra money & I hoard all that comes our way for rent each month, I feel it's VERY important for him to be able to pick out a couple of cheap movies each month when we go there. He has no other activities & we don't have actual TV at home, just DVD's. Since he works hard at his therapies, I like him to get a little reward & I also look at him doing some shopping as another form of therapy... There is still not much about our life now that is "normal", but I do my best to make an attempt at a bit of what "seems" kind of normal. ❤️

While in the store, I "try" to keep one eye peeled & trained on him most of the time. I will see him blocking an isle & holler over, "Watch behind you, Babe" & I wink behind him & he will notice the lady with the cart behind him, waiting to get by & he is always good about apologizing. I smiled at her & as she came near me, I let her know that he had a few strokes & this is a rare trip out for him. She was impressed & said, "He's doing great then!" Not everyone is so nice, but when we get a good one we have to acknowledge them... ❤️

Going to the bathroom at Walmart is always an experience. It's VERY necessary for us to be able to use the "Family" bathroom, but the majority of the times we have needed it, employees have been in there for the long haul. I wish Walmart would give their people private bathrooms in the back room somewhere. There is nothing worse than standing outside the family bathroom (Of which there is only ONE in the entire store) for fifteen or twenty minutes, while someone is in there, doing who knows what. Especially if you have to go really bad! It's even more annoying when you've been there waiting SO long that the employees who go back & forth a lot to the back room have now started to shake the handle of the family bathroom door & knocking, saying, "Are you OK in there?" because they are tired of seeing you standing there, waiting with your cart & your husband on a motorized cart, blocking their path. My hubby can't go to the bathroom by himself, so it's necessary for us to have the family bathroom. He literally has to drive that motorized cart right into that bathroom & then once inside there, it's like a circus, trying to get that thing parked near the toilet (without taking out either toilet, since his coordination is off kilter a lot), yet leaving room for him to get his pants down with my help & be able to safely lower onto the toilet. Plus, there has to be plenty of room for me to help him IF he needs me to, with toilet paper (you get the idea). Plus, helping him back up with those ginormous CROW boots on is a major chore... Why do we always have to go to the bathroom while we're at Walmart?

I always try to include my guy in decisions, so I said, "Is there anything else that you need that is "urgent"? & it figures, he would say, "Hot dogs & lunch meat. Do we have any pork & beans?", because those are urgent needs, right? LOL! So I motioned in the direction he should go & let him tootle around & followed FAR behind. I saw him talking to a store clerk, so when I got up next to her, I said, "Did he ask you where the hot dogs were?" & she confirmed he had. I mentioned about his strokes, so she would know why I was asking. Explaining to her that he isn't always thinking like he wants to & forgets things. Plus he doesn't always make sense or remember even what he wants to say. I told her I was trying to give him what felt like freedom, while keeping watch on him too, for safety. She thought he did good then & promised if she ever saw him around the store, to help if he needed it. Very sweet!... ❤️

I helped him get the hot dogs off the top shelf & we made our way to the deli...

While I told the deli gal how much ham & salami & baby Swiss to slice for him, I asked him to drive around & see if they have any "sweet" onions.

He left & then came back to report, "They have sweet onions $1.18 a pound", so I reached over by the potatoes & grabbed a produce bag & opened it wide (That's one thing near impossible with only one hand cooperating & he can't get up & down from the motorized scooter to try & get a bag) & handed it to him & said, "OK, go pick out a few really nice, FIRM, sweet onions". He did & got 3 nice ones. In doing this, it's one way that he can feel like he is helping & makes him feel important. It's SO important to feel important!... ❤️

He saw another bin of movies by the front of the store, so while I picked out broccoli & celery, he went to paw through, just in case there was anything he "needed" there & he waited for me by the cash registers... While I was being rung up, he decided to scout out the menu at Subway, where I had already promised he could get lunch. This was a splurge again, but I still think it's important to "try" & have a teensy bit of somewhat "normal" activity in our life, even though we have VERY little to no money & use everything towards rent & just basic living each month. We hardly ever even get out of the house & you might say, Walmart is the highlight of our month. Subway has $1.99- 6 inch subs, so he gets that & I ask for bacon on the side of his & wrap it up separate (for me), making our lunch there SUPER cheap, yet equally as fun.

After we sat & ate, we made our way out to our truck, where I have to help my guy up off the motorized cart, since he wears those big CROW boots

& they are heavy & very awkward,

especially when you have no feeling in your feet.

Did you ever watch The Munsters? Picture Herman Munster getting up from a motorized grocery cart. That's like my man. Big. Tall. Awkward.

CROW Boots

Then I have to keep him from toppling over once he is up on his feet, as we make our way just a few steps to the open door of our truck, where I then stand by, with my hands on my man, so he feels secure enough to grab hold of the hand doohickey on the ceiling. Once he has a sure footing & a good grip on the handle, he then does his best effort of hoisting his strongest leg up into the truck, with me pushing on his rear to keep him from falling backwards... With his left butt-cheek on the seat & his left foot on the floor of the truck, I then literally shove the rest of him up & into the truck. This is not an easy task & it takes much effort from both of us. Just after I'd finished shoving my giant man's body into the truck, a "special" young Walmart employee came out to retrieve the motorized cart & he very innocently said to me, "Why are you helping him?" & I had to say, "Because he needs a LOT of help & he can't do it by himself. Sometimes people need a helper"... He drove off with the cart & I put our groceries into our truck. Thankful all the while that I have the ability to function normally & that I "can" & am "willing" to help my man when he needs it & still help to make him "feel like" he is "somewhat normal", even though he is not. What is normal anyway?

After we got home & I went in to get my sweetie's power wheelchair & retrieve him from the truck, he took mercy on me & we changed our current dinner making plans to him just having a sandwich instead. Thankfully he knew how tired I was & making a sandwich is a lot easier than a home-cooked meal... So after a bit of rest, I got him into the shower & bathed him & then helped him get dressed in clean sweats & settled on the bed with his new movie & that gave me a bit of free time, which is where we are now. My first blog of the new year 2020. Whew! How time has flown by!... & Can you believe a simple trip to Walmart can wipe out an entire day???

If you feel led to donate, to help us on our journey, while we work hard helping Dean get back strength & mobility on his right side, which was paralyzed after the strokes, please copy & paste the link below into your browser, to get to our GoFundMe. We appreciate any & all support.



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