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Wow!... I mean seriously... WOW!

I'm pretty sure it must be the end of the world. I mean, not to "me", I'm pretty sure it's NOT the end of the world, but that the majority of the people in the world think it is... & It's pure craziness out there. Nutzville! Pandemonium!... Have you seen the people? They're crazy!... & They're scared.

Personally, I am not scared of anything. Not even this. I'm not even afraid to die... Someday we're all gonna die & when my time is up, I plan on going peacefully. When my time is up, I'm outta here. What a glorious day that will be! Until that day comes, I am at peace. Sweet Jesus peace.

Everywhere I look this past week or so, people are in a panic. Many of my friends are unsure & have an uneasy feeling about things... I agree, things are pretty unpredictable. Thankfully, for me, like I said, I feel completely at peace, NO worries! God has us in His ever-lovin' hands & I trust He'll keep us safe & continue to provide for us. I refuse to panic. I have oodles of faith, which helps tremendously. God is bigger than ALL of the world's troubles.

People are ALL freaked out about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I'm pretty sure they think they will die & truth be told, some will inevitably die, but for normal, "healthy" people, they probably wont die. I know, the news media likes to hype things up & truly, this virus is serious for elderly & immune-compromised people (of which I have one living with me). I'm just not a fan of people scaring people... & To be honest, people "should" already be prepared for an emergency or crisis situation. They should never be caught without toilet paper. What were they thinking???

& To be honest, even if that was you who ran out of TP, I highly doubt you need to buy this much...


Today I had to venture out to Walmart, in spite of all of this craziness. My hubby's meds were ready & I needed a few groceries. I normally just shop once per month, so it was time... I decided just to take my grocery list to Walmart with me & forego a trip to Winco this month, which is where we "usually" get our groceries, since they have better prices & meats & such. We don't like to buy meats at Walmart... I made the choice just to do one store & come into contact with less people. In my opinion, the more days go by, the more people around us "could be" infected with the Corona-virus, which means it will spread to many more people. Better safe than sorry, I always like to say.

Driving over to Walmart, which is about ten miles away from home, there was an eerie feeling. Traffic was super light & it's the middle of the week at around 11 o'clock in the morning. Normally a fairly busy time for traffic... Businesses with reader boards all had messages like, "Stay safe, we care about your health", "Everything will be OK", "We're all in this together", "Closed for your safety. Thank-you" & "Please wash your hands". Here are some examples of signs I found online...

It was weird & yet heartwarming all at the same time. Even the casinos are closed, it's SO freakishly ODD.

I found the shelves at Walmart to be as bare as the lanes on the freeway had been on my way there. An item here, an item there. Not much to speak of in the canned food aisles or the dried food aisles. I was lucky enough to find one jar of our favorite instant coffee. I really wanted to get two, but one was better than none. Thankfully I still had some in the jar at home... I was also after peanut butter, which seemed to be nearly extinct. I found two tiny jars of Skippy. One creamy & one chunky, so I grabbed them both, even though I normally bought Jif... There were a fair amount of people shopping, but it wasn't too crowded. Much lighter than normal.

As I was waiting in line to have my turn at the pharmacy, which is the middle of this Walmart store, I had a birds eye view of the toilet paper aisle, which had all bare shelves. While I stood there, they brought in the new stock & had several store clerks "attempting" to stock the shelves. It was like a bunch of crazy fiends were all of the sudden there in a frenzy. EVERYONE seemed to appear out of nowhere, to swoop in on the big packages of rolled white tissue paper. I mean, it was CRAZY!! I hadn't seen anything like that since I was a young, newly married girl in Florida, shopping a fabulous sale at Zayre's, when they had a super good deal on paper towels. I had really wanted to get in on the deal for some paper towels, but when "Big Momma" & "Mrs Klump" are there, duking it out over paper towels, it's just not worth the hassle to save a buck. I mean, seriously! Grown women (HUGE ladies) fighting about who gets the last package of paper towels in the bin... Insane! I was way too shy & those ladies made me kind of nervous. I just don't like fights. At all.

On my way home from Walmart, I began to take notice of more freakishly odd things. Empty parking lots everywhere. Most businesses closed completely. Restaurants with signs saying, "Open for to-go orders only". The park & ride had three cars parked in it, right in the middle of the day on a weekday. It all seemed SO odd. I found myself feeling like it wasn't even real. Was I dreaming? Maybe someone needs to pinch me.

When I went to the bank, only the drive-thru was open. Sure, you could use the cash machine, but we are old fashioned & would never do that. We don't even own a credit or debit card. Why would we? We have no money...

This is not me, it's just a random picture I found online as an example of the bank drive-thru.

I pulled into the outside lane, since I drive a large pickup truck. Even then, I have to get out of the truck to get to the doohickey in the chute, where you put in your transaction. I had been thinking ahead & while I refuse to live in fear, I am also wise enough to know that my hubby is at risk, so take no chances where he is concerned. I had brought a container of Lysol wipes in the truck with me. I took two out & held one in each hand. I carefully grabbed the doohickey with the wipes & opened it & shoved my items inside. Then I carefully replaced the doohickey & used the the wipe in my hand, to push the send button. The ladies inside the bank were wearing masks & gloves, but they weren't changing them with each transaction. In my mind, this meant all of the other transactions were still on those gloves, so I took no chances. When the doohickey came back down the chute, I took my tiny envelope out & wiped it, using the wipes to touch anything & then put the doohickey back in the dispensary. I wiped the send & call buttons off, looked at the guy in the truck behind me, who watched, threw away the wipes & climbed up in the truck to head on home...

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but whenever I am driving in our truck, I ALWAYS listen to the christian radio station & I sing along with every single song they play. I feel like this is such a great time for me. Time when I can be alone with God. I truly enjoy it & have prayed a lot over the years, while driving our truck... Maybe this is what makes me so calm, with such a sweet Jesus peace?

I don't know. Maybe it's just me. My faith NEVER wavers. Ever. I have so much trust in God, how could I ever be afraid of anything? Isaiah 43:1 “Don't fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine.”

God actually commands us not to fear, or worry. The phrase “fear not” is used at least 80 times in the Bible, most likely because He knows the enemy uses fear to decrease our hope and limit our victories...

Try to have faith.

I know these are very strange & unpredictable times,

but we will manage, just like we always do.

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