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Everything Will Be OK

OK, I'll admit it... My sister & I have spent a LOT of time talking on the phone lately.

I sure do miss the old style phones.

One day just last week, we were actually on the phone for 3 hours, sixteen minutes & 47 seconds. Wow! Our guys always ask us, "What do you find to talk about for that long???", but to be honest, we don't have a problem with that. We jump around from one subject to another & just chat. Sometimes we tell stories & laugh. We were raised by the same parents & we have fun reminiscing about things from the past OR we discuss things in our life, our yards, our days. Whatever. You name it, we can talk about it... Besides, we did go many years with hardly any phone calls... AND in the past, we could also spend hours & hours on the phone & even had multiple calls per day. It's just normal. Since mom died, we don't have her to call, so we call each other instead & why wouldn't we? Yes, my life is FULL & busy, BUT I have the knack for being able to wander around while I'm on the phone talking, so I'm still doing anything I would have already been doing even if I were not on the phone. I'm always like a yo-yo around here anyway, helping my guy all day long with whatever he needs, back & forth from what I'm doing to what he needs help doing. That's just normal in our house... & I mean it's not like the old can phones. Remember those? LOL!

Growing up back on the days when we did were such great times! Tonight I was eating my dinner, scrolling through Facebook, as I often do while I eat. Y'all probably remember me saying that I ALWAYS get my hubby fed "first", since he can't fend for himself. I wait & make sure he doesn't need anything else, then I let him know that I will go ahead & eat... Tonight, while scrolling, I came across an old church friend's "Sunday Entry". I enjoy his stories & the message they always have, so I read it while I was sitting in front of the computer, eating... One of the last lines stuck out to me... "Set a stone in the place God has come through for you and anchor yourself there!"... I loved that line!

I do have to say, that I would truly have a LOT of stones set in places, because God ALWAYS comes through for me. I have such a ginormous faith that just typing that brings me to sobbing tears, because God IS amazing in my life & He has come through SO many times in SO MANY ways!! Even though I am living it, I am still in awe of it.... After I read that line, "Set a stone in the place God has come through for you and anchor yourself there!", I was reminded of a story that I had "just" told my sister this evening while we were on the phone. Something miraculous that happened to me a couple of years ago. When I got done reading my friend's Sunday Entry, I felt led to immediately blog that story that I had just today also shared with my sister. I feel like it's truly an amazing story. Even after two years, when I tell it, I still get goosebumps... AND my mom LOVED this story & who could blame her? It's miraculous!

Back in the day, I worked out of the house a few hours per week. I didn't have a "real", or big normal job because my Sweet Mr had a debilitating foot disease & suffered from severe depression, so no amount of money was worth being away from him when he needed me. I only worked a few hours a few days per week. "Just" enough to make up the difference of what his disability pay lacked, to afford our rent... During the end of that summer, the place where I worked was closed for several long weekends in a row, which meant my income would be sorely lacking. I had NO idea how we would make it, BUT I wasn't worried. Y'all must remember from past blogs, how I'm always saying, "I am not a worrier, I am a warrior", right? There was no doubt in my mind that God would (& always will) take care of us.

I didn't fret about it... God was in control.

It was a Tuesday. The day after Labor Day... I had a small list of "needs" & stopped at Winco on the way home to pick up only what I knew was absolutely necessary. I would have the next five days at home with my hubby, so wanted to be prepared to be stuck home conserving & not going anywhere. While I was in the store, I passed by some yummy looking bacon. Of course it was not a "need" AND we could get by without it, BUT it sure would be great to have bacon when we were stuck home for days on end with no money to spare... Frugal Krys was scolding me for thinking of bacon, but at the same time, there was a voice inside of me & it VERY clearly said, "Everything will be OK". Wow! It actually kind of stunned me. "Everything will be OK"... SOooo in regular Krys-like fashion, I listened to that voice, without hesitation & I immediately put the bacon in my cart, along with several other things that were on my regular grocery list, but not necessities. I spent way more than I had intended to, knowing that "Everything will be OK"... I spent $79. that evening on groceries & had also stopped for dog food before that, using what moneys I was hoarding to pay our rent in a couple of days, with NO idea where I would make that up & I was perfectly OK with it, because God had already told me, "Everything will be OK" & I believed Him completely.

On my way home, driving north on I-5, I had my usual Spirit 105.3 playing on the radio & I was singing along with the Christian music, as usual, whenever I drive anywhere. I LOVE singing while driving! Once I had exited the freeway, I was driving on the highway, getting closer to home & I just started to pray out loud... I prayed, "God, thank-you SO MUCH for your provision. You are SO good to us. Thank-you that all of our needs are met. You are SO awesome! Thank-you for all of the angels you've placed in our lives. We are so, SO BLESSED & for that I am grateful!... Thank-you God, for Dean & for the wonderful man he is & for keeping his spirits up. Thank-you for continuing to show him how AWESOME You are. Thank-you Jesus... In Jesus' name... " After I got home, brought the groceries into the house & asked if there was any mail, my guy said, "You got one of those really beautiful cards from your friend". I happily said, "I did?", as I opened the envelope to read it... Folks, in that card was the money we needed to get by, with the rent & the few other bills we have. We would make it another month.

I was elated!... Thank-you Jesus!!

Once again, God had supplied & just when we needed it.

I went online, to Facebook message & thank my friend with such a grateful heart. Here is some of what I said, "I haven't been able to stop crying ever since... I am still in total awe, because I was literally praying, thanking God in faith, believing He had a plan for us this month & it was only ten minutes later, when He showed Himself again in such a HUGE way... & I am so, SO GRATEFUL!!!"... When my friend got my message, this was part of the return reply... "So I'm a little baffled here, trying to figure out how you got this card yesterday. I dropped it off at the post office on Monday, but they were closed, with the holiday and all, so no mail. So how do you get it on Tuesday? Wild! All I can think is Jesus got it to you quick like! You were thanking Him ahead of being blessed - instead of after it arrived. I think by doing that, miracles happen" Can you believe that??? It's been over two years now & I am still in awe about that, BUT I do have to say that there has been no shortage of God & His miracles since then. I have a lot more "God Stories", which I will eventually share at some time or another. I promised mom on her deathbed that I would always share the goodness of God & I will forever keep that promise... & I will forever be SO thankful for His goodness... & I've no doubts He will continue to amaze me. God is SO GOOD & He always has a plan with our best interests at heart. All we have to do is have faith & believe it.

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